Do you want your pet on TV? A celebrity account from Xiao xiao

You may have seen adorable little Xiao Xiao on our site before.  She is a Woofy Woo Crew social network member and she lives in Singapore.  She recently appeared in a TV show there as Ju Ju, an important part of the story line.  Her Mom gave us a little insight below.

The show is a bit like “Gossip Girl” here in the USA.  We have to say, the very end of the clip is great…spoiler alert…(the flop into the mud with Juju running off was worth the price of admission.) Check it out…

From Xiao xiao’s Mom…

This is Xiao xiao’s first time on television. The title of this drama is (乐在双城 , A tale of two cities). Her name in the drama is Juju. Xiao xiao, I and my mum really have a fun time during the shooting of this drama and we learnt a lot from it.

Special thanks and credits to:

Angela (Puppylove dog trainer), who is also Xiao xiao’s trainer, who recommended me to this shooting and help me sent Xiao xiao’s photos in.

The Tv crew who filmed and edited this wonderful show and chose Xiao xiao to be in the drama.

The director who is so patient too even though there are a few NGs that happened during filming.

The actors and actresses who spent time petting Xiao xiao (Xiao xiao really enjoyed all the attention she received) and spending time with her.

The assistant producers who took good care of us throughout the few days of filming.

The bus drivers for their transport.

Everyone, especially Rui En and Yan Qi for enjoying the Xiao xiao tricks, for all the love that you all gave Xiao xiao.

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