Do You Want To Adopt A Pitt Bull? Check out Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue!

Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue

Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue

Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue (BRPBR) is a non-profit pit bull rescue organization located in Southeastern, Pennsylvania.  BRPBR is a small network of hardworking volunteers and foster homes dedicated to advocating for the most misunderstood breed in the world:  The American Pit Bull Terrier.  They are completely devoted to the positive promotion of the pit bull.  While they work strictly out of the Philadelphia and NJ areas, they network with rescue groups and other informative groups all over the world. They do not have a brick and mortar location for people to visit, AKA a kennel or a shelter.  BRPBR relies solely on their foster homes to provide the love and care their dogs need until they find their forever home.  If you are interested in fostering, please visit their website at for more information or email them at


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