Different is Special…just look at Minik the Wonder Cat

Different is special…in the Love Genies segment of show 82 we discussed the gift of  being just who we are.  If you would like to hear the discussion, tune into show 82.  Read more below.

a cat with no eyes

So we started thinking about pets that are special needs because of the picture included in this story which we saw on Pintrest.  That led to the stream of consciousness (or unconsciousness) below…

Yes, perhaps we have all made jokes about the short yellow bus. Perhaps we have even been on the receiving end of a few jokes. But it’s kind of interesting to think about why people and pets are different.

Pets that are tripaws or three legged, adjust to their challenge. Some pets scoot around with a wheel chair on their front paws or back paws. Some pets partner and shepherd a sibling that may be blind or deaf.

These stories always seem to warm our hearts and make us stop and admire the animal world.

Regardless of your specific religious beliefs or affiliations, do you believe that the creator does not make mistakes? We are all on a journey, and your journey is unique to you. You signed up for it. It’s not random.

Joe always says that the happiest people he met on throughout the course of his career in emergency services were those with special needs. He helped families who had special needs kids who needed transport to hospitals many times and they were always smiling and happy.

A challenge, no matter how big or small is a learning experience. If you continually have the same challenge popping up in your life, perhaps you are not learning the lesson you are supposed to.

Pets teach us to move on, move forward and accept these challenges as just another hurdle. No stress, no tears, just keep moving on your path. Learn, teach, give, help and enjoy a sunbath.

Accept that you are who you are. Wishing you were someone else or you were in a different circumstance is not productive unless you are willing to walk the path to change. The creator doesn’t make mistakes. We learn everyday. Enjoy being you and be grateful for what you have and the people and pets in your life.

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