Did your dog eat chocolate when you were a kid?

Disclaimer: Don’t feed your dog chocolate, ever.

Now with that out of the way, Joe and I were comparing notes about our childhood pets.  My dog, Frisky, was a 50 pound Foxhound mix, rescued wonder-mutt of love.  His dog, Julie was a “chocolate” Laborador Retriever…ironic isn’t it?  Both dogs survived a brush with chocolate.

One Christmas,  the amber colored  1970’s  style candy dish contained an entire bag of Hershey kisses.  The dish was placed on the coffee table next to the fireplace with a few Annalee doll figures smiling up at passers by.

Childhood memories

Christmas day FINALLY comes and off to church we go.  Frisky had the run of the house.  Frisky decided to try the kisses.

Yes, these tasty little treats

One by one, he gingerly lifted each tasty morsel out of the dish, unwrapped each one and ate it. After we returned from church, all that was left was a pile of shiny green and red wrappers with little blue and white strips of paper on the rug.  No chocolate smudges on the carpet, no chocolate crumbs, no remaining chocolate period.  Thank goodness Frisky didn’t die. He was fine.  And I remember my mother being ticked off about the chocolate.

York Peppermint Pawties?

Joe’s experience was very different.  His dog was not an unwrapper.  Apparently it only took a moment of indiscretion when Julie decided that the smell of the York Peppermint Patties in the candy dish was just too tempting.

She ate all of the bite size patties with the paper on them.  Needless to say, her minty fresh breath didn’t make up for what was to follow.  The shiny exit from the “other end”  was a spectacle to behold. Thank goodness Julie didn’t die. She was fine.

So, we are just thankful our childhood pet survived their brush with chocolate.

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