Cuteness Alert! Tiny chameleon found and photographed.

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OMGosh! Is this the cutest little chameleon ever!!? Photo:

In nature, some of the most incredible species come in the tinniest packages. While traveling in Madagascar recently, wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas happened upon this teensy-weensy Brookesia Chameleon walking along the forest floor. Believe it or not, the lizard he found is actually a full-grown adult, measuring about an inch in length — making it one of the smallest reptiles on the planet.

According to Will, who set out in search of the tiny chameleons with his brother in Madagascar’s Amber Mountain National Park, tracking down the diminutive reptiles is no easy task, at least for the untrained eye. Not only are Brookesia Chameleons unbelievably small, they are able to change color to blend in with dry leaves on ground. But after searching in vain for a while, the pair eventually enlisted the help of a local guide.

“We spent almost a week looking for these chameleons and were never able to spot them on our own,” writes Burrard-Lucas on the his Web site. “Fortunately, our guide, having worked in the park for around 20 years, was well practiced in the art of spotting them and seemed to be able to produce the tiny creatures on demand!”

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