Crows remember faces

Crows can remember my face? (photo)

Crows can remember my face? (photo)

We at have found the real Angry Birds and it is no app that we would want to down load. You may want to rethink that hand clap, or blowing that air powered horn can to move those crows.

The article states:

Crows remember the faces of threatening humans and often react by scolding and bringing in others to mob the perceived miscreant, according to a new study published in the latest Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Since the mob members also then indirectly learn about the threatening person, the findings demonstrate how just a single crow’s bad experience with a particular human can spread information about this individual throughout entire crow communities.

Given that crows have impressive memories, people who ruffle the feathers of these birds could experience years of retribution.

Bothered crows may at first “give harsh calls, which we call ‘scolds’ that attract other crows who are nearby to join in the mob,” according to study co-author John Marzluff. “The mob of two to 15 birds hounds us, sometimes diving from the sky to within a few meters or less — This pursuit lasts about 100 meters (328 feet) as we walk away.

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