Congratulations Pet Book Lady! Pet Blogger Support Blog of the Week!

We received the note below from Lisa AKA The Pet Book Lady, regarding raising money for the Be The Change movement that seeded itself at Blog Paws.  Because of her mission, we applaud her and make her Pet Blogger of the Week!
How cute is  this braclet?
From Lisa:
I was very inspired to do something as part of the Be The Change commitment.  As you may have seen on Twitter and Facebook, I am donating ALL of my commission from Keepsake Bracelet Sales to Rescue Groups.   It works out to $5 a bracelet.
How I am doing this is if someone creates a Keepsake Bracelet and checks out, I will e-mail them to see what group they are donating to.  If they don’t have a specific group, I will be donating to Furever After here in Canada.  I am setting up a special account and ordering cheques for donation distribution.
Bracelets are only $39.95 plus shipping and tax.  I created a 10 minute How To Create a Keepsake Bracelet Video which is posted on my Pet Book Lady Blog.  Plus I am here to help them if they need any assistance in making one.
I’m hoping that you can help me spread this message to anyone you think would be interested in such a product and would like to help raise money for their Rescue Group.  So feel free to forward away! 
Thank you in advance from a Canadian Blogpaws attendee on a Mission!
Best regards,
Lisa (aka The Pet Book Lady)
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