Congratulations LaggyLife’s Blog! Pet Blog of the Week!

LaggyLife’s Blog is a little about this and that and of course pets.  It is cause driven for pets with a lovely dash of life added in.  The author states, about:

“I am a professional person working hard to make ends meet.  I am in love very deeply and honestly for the first time in my life.  I have a dog, two cats and a crazy family.  Oh and a lot of friends!  An anxiety disorder pretty much defines my life….  BUT….  I laugh a lot and like my life!  I hope you find it as funny as I do.”

Please show some pet bloggy love and stop by to say hi!  Discovering new blogs is a fun, woofy woo thing to do!

Lookie Lou is a little dog who lives in the
Woofy Woo!

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