Congratulations “Freedom to Bark”…You are Pet Blog of the Week!

Freedom to Bark is pet friendly and technically savvy.  Erin is the German Shepard who writes the blog….um yeah, and she is the most technically adept dog-aroo we have ever met.

Freedom to Bark's Pups, Erin and Buck (Modeling banadana's from our friend Bauser!) Photo:Freedom to Bark

About the Author from the Author:

“Erin is a 4 year old German Shepherd that has to have her paws into everything I do. She was pretty popular on Doggyspace, taking credit for all my hard work providing CSS Codes & HTML Help to her furfriends there. Not being used to being muzzled and careful about what we want to bark about, we closed up our account & moved here where we can express our ‘Freedom To Bark’.”

Well, we want Erin and her Mommie-peep to know she is welcome in the community and we love all of the puppy love and techno-tips they spread!

Stop by and give some Pet Bloggy Love to Freedom to Bark!

Woofy Woo!

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