Congratulations “Doggies and Stuff”! You are Pet Blogger Support Saturday’s Featured Blog!

Congratulations Doggies and Stuff!  Not only do you have a great blog, but you have a great mission!

From the Author, Doreen Disbro:

I visited the Indianapolis Southside Shelter a few weeks ago because I reviewed a pet cot from Kakadu Pet and we donate all beds we review to local shelters and rescues.  So, I went to donate the Kakadu Pet Cot.  I was shocked and saddened to learn or their dire need of funds, so they can purchase pet cots, dog houses, medication and food.  I’ve made it my mission to raise money for dogs houses and pet cots.  Our goal is 25 dog houses and 25 pet cots.  If you could help spread the word I would be grateful.  I have a PayPal donation button on my blog, on the right sidebar.  I am adding donors names and plan on posting a follow-up when we get the cots, complete with before and after photos.  The dog houses may take a little while, as those are quite expensive.  We are calling around to local Scout Troops, Shop Classes, and Wood Working Groups to see if they can help us with that part of our mission.

There is a ton of useful information and give aways on Doggies and Stuff. In addition, we can see that donating and rescue are close to the cause for these paws! Please stop by and say hello or Woofy Woo to Doreen and her crew Kiko, Millie, and Riley at Doggies and Stuff!

Woofy Woo!

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2 thoughts on “Congratulations “Doggies and Stuff”! You are Pet Blogger Support Saturday’s Featured Blog!

  1. Thanks so much for highlighting me and my mission yesterday! A big Woofy Woo to all of you!

    Doreen, Kiko, Millie, andRiley

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