Celebrity Pet News- Inside scoop, Katie Up and Down the Hall book launch party fills NYC’s MacKenzie Childs boutique with A list celebrities

Puppies will be puppies!

Celebrity Author, Glenn Plaskin and his new cocker spaniel puppy, Lucy Photo: Courtesy of Glenn Plaskin

We have so much celeb pet scoop for you from inside the Katie Up and Down the Hall Book Launch Party! OH MY DOG!

We could talk about the A listers attending the party, Calvin Klein, Judge Judy, Mary Higgins Clark, Barbara Taylor Bradford,  Ernie Anastos, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and we will in due time, but we need to talk about the celebrity guest of honor, author Glenn Plaskin and his cocker spaniel puppy, Lucy, first. (By the way, we will take you up close and personal with some of these wonderful guests in the next episode of TPPC.tv.)

Glenn and Lucy arrived looking resplendent! Glenn, a dapper chap, donned a distinguished looking dark suit and Lucy had her super-spangled pink crystal collar on.  The venue, NYC’s trendy MacKenzie Childs Boutique, was filled with chic wares for home and for pet. Guests entered via the red carpet with trumpeters announcing their arrival.

The smiles on all of the guest’s faces were a testament to the love that they felt for Glenn and his genuinely light spirit.

After about 9 gazillion pictures and posses with them, these and thoses, Glenn decided to take Lucy to the second floor of the boutique to continue to greet guests.  Lucy decided otherwise.

It was time to get puppy.

After secretly trying to snarf up the boxwood leaves on the red carpet, she wanted a little me time.  Let’s face it, with everyone ooghling and aaaghling at her cuteness, we believe she wanted to vamp it up a bit. With tons of press milling about, she was taking control of her public image. Playtime?!!! Let’s see….what could a puppy grab to play with?  A shoe?…no, they all had feet in them.  A toy?…they were all on the tables up out of reach.

Enter, a photographer’s long satin dress with a kind of animal looking print on it. BINGO!




What do you mean , "Let go!" This is the BEST GAME EVER!


Lucy is so darn cute, you could smooch her and cuddle her forever!  As pet people, we know puppydom is what it is, but this little gal stole our hearts as much as the wonderful book, Katie Up and Down the Hall will steal yours.

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  1. This is a good article about Lucy! Very cute but definitely a puppy! Thats is hilarious what Lucy did with that woman’s dress. I can’t imagine what was going through that lady’s mind. Well puppies will be puppies. Hope they take care of Lucy’s health especially digestive and immune system health. If your interested in Probiotics for you pets check out our Facebook and like our page: http://bit.ly/aBq6GH

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