Celebrity Pet Gossip-Snooki loves football picking Princess the camel

Wow, girl, right again. You’re 5 and 1; they just barely won though.

Hey, John, a win is a win, it still counts. I saw you high-tail it out of here on Sunday, then later I heard you went to Seaside Heights to an autograph signing of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

Oh sorry, girl, I left in such a rush but I didn’t have time to tell you what was happening. I wasn’t going there for her autograph; they were donating some of the proceeds to us. Snooki raised over $6,000.00 for local animal shelters and $2,000.00 for us alone, then she donated another $1,000.00 just to us.

Snooki …. humm ….. from the Jersey Shore MTV program ….. figures. ….. I could probably double that with me signing some sort of autographs here

Girl if you could sign autographs, we’d making millions.

Do I sense a little jealousy there girl?

Noooo …. no, John, I just want some graham crackers. Who we picking this week?

Princess, the Giants are going to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Monday night.

Princess making her pick.

And, she picked …. THE COWBOYS???

Girl, you’ve been leaning toward the Giants all season. Now that they won 3 straight and are coming together you’re going with the Cowboys ….. the Giants hated arch rivals?

John, to be honest the Giants didn’t look all that good last week. They really should have been a blow out. They almost lost that game in the last minutes. The Cowboys have been slumping but, I think they are due to win this week. I think Romo will have his head on straight and will finally win late in the game.

Girl, the Giants are finally doing good – picking Dallas doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Well, when I first heard about you spending time in Seaside with Snooki, that didn’t make sense either.

Hey John, these graham crackers are a little mushy. What’s going on?

Girl, it’s been raining on and off and they got a little wet on the way out here.

If they were mushy because you had dunked them in some milk, that would be one thing, but rain soaked — whats up with that, John?

Hey John, look at this, it’s my impression of Snooki, making one of those faces she does.

Is Princess worrying too much about Snooki? Has it affected her pick? You’ll only know after the game – check back!

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