Celebrity Pet Gossip: Pam Anderson helps abandoned Oil Spill Dogs

Pam Anderson with her adopted rescue dogs, Bridgette Bardot and Gina Lollabrigida (A/P Photo Chuck Cook)

Pam Anderson, honorary director of PETA,  is rescuing 2 of the more than 50 abandoned dogs affected by the oil spill in New Orleans.  She named them Gina Lollobrigida and Brigitte Bardot in honor of the late actresses.

The Associated Press reports:

“We couldn’t find homes for all the dogs that were being surrendered before the spill,” said Bridgette Verdin of the Humane Society of Louisiana, which is working with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and several New Orleans area shelters to find homes for the dogs. Verdin said the spill, which has caused people to lose jobs and income in southeastern Louisiana, only made the existing animal adoption problems worse.”

The overcrowding in shelters due to the spill is yet another disaster, perhaps the story that doesn’t make the nightly news, but as pet owners with our ear to the ground, we saw it coming. The good news is these dogs were bound for Virginia for adoption.

Kudos to those involved with this transport. And kudos to all of you involved with rescue, period!

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