Celebrity Pet Craze: Pocket Pigs! Cuteness Alert!

Oh SO cute! Tiny Teacup Pigs are the new "Chihuahua" of choice.

Oh Wilbur! Celebrities are shelling out more “Green” to dot the landscape of their Green Acres with the pet of the moment, the micro pig or tea cup pig.

The tiny piggies are so cute, we want to give them tons of snuggly snoot kisses! Celebrity owners of the tea cups include celebutant Paris Hilton, power couple David and Victoria Beckham and actor Rupert Grint, (Ron Weasley of Harry Potter).

The pigs were originally “reduced” in a farm in Devon England, after 24 generations and 9 years of breeding.  These “Pennywell miniatures” have started a craze that has animal rights groups such as PETA taking note.

Of course high profile ownership spawns mills that will over breed for the sake of greed. That’s the downside.  In addition, many communities do not allow pigs, regardless of size, as they are categorized as “farm animals” not allowed by some local ordinances.

Unfortunately, many pot bellied pigs were surrendered to sanctuaries after people owned them without checking their local ordinances.  TPPC.tv has assisted in some potbelly pig adoptions and it is heartbreaking for all parties involved.  If you are considering a pig as a pet, please check you local laws and thoroughly research care, costs and accommodations needed for one of these little cuties.


Woofy Woo!

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4 thoughts on “Celebrity Pet Craze: Pocket Pigs! Cuteness Alert!

  1. Oh my goodness they are adorable. Thank you for bringing attention to the fact that as small as they are they are still considered farm animals and are not allowed in some areas.

    They are so cute though.
    Felissa´s last blog post ..Need your help Tweeting!

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