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Yappy Hour Drink and Pet Snack Suggestions


n preparation for our Yappy Hour Show, we want to share with you some of the NOM NOMS we will be preparing here at Studios. Honestly, we will probably be pretty limited with time, but we wanted to at least have a fancy pants beverage. We will most likely have chips and salsa with some cheese and crackers or crudités while we are on the air.

Celebrity Dog Lover Recipe: Katherine Hepburn’s Brownies

Disclaimer: First of all, these are people brownies NOT dog brownies. Do not feed brownies to your dog, chocolate is toxic to dogs. OK…now onto the recipe. In Glenn Plaskin’s book, Katie Up and Down the Hall, Glenn takes Peter Jennings to meet Katherine Hepburn.  Knowing the Katherine is a fan of brownies, Peter’s wife […]

Cat News: Wake Up and Smell the Expensive Cat Poo Coffee

You thought Keurig coffee was java cool?  How about Civet stool coffee? Yup, the little cat-like critter eats the coffee bean fruit and poops out the beans. The acid in the civet’s belly is supposed to mellow the flavor of the coffee.  The beans are collected from the poo, roasted and shipped to the US.  […]

Pup-tacular Dog Food Recipe

Every once in a while you come across a recipe that just looks PUP-TACULAR!  If you like to make a home cooked meal for your dog, this might be a delicious recipe to try.  The recipe was reviewed by 13 people and it receive 4 ½ stars out of 5 by pup-chefs who gave it […]

Yummy Treat Recipe

We love to cook as many of you know and we love to cook and bake special treats for our pets as well!  What’s better than knowing what is going into your pet’s treats and feeling confident  about the ingredients? Here is a simple recipe that has a high yummitivity factor due to the Parmesan […]

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