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Letter from Governor Christie’s office to about Horse Slaughter

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello Friends, If you listened to our show yesterday, you will be glad to know… We just received a letter from Gov. Christie’s office stating that he did sign the bill to ban horse slaughter!  YES!!!! letter to from Gov. Christie’s office

Helping pets after the tornados in Alabama

Trenton, Ga.: Andy Page cried as he sits with his cat outside his demolished apartment. (PHOTO: Angela Lewis)

There has been an unfortunate plethora of natural disasters. If you listened to our radio show last week, you will remember a special guest appearance from Christina, Kenny the Doxie’s, (AKA the Lowrider’s), Mommy-peep. Christina has a great website called

Breaking news! Good news for pets, NJ passes bill to protect pets from domestic abuse

Welcome to New Joisey Pets

This is big news! Just last week on our radio show we were talking about laws to protect pets and domestic registries. Well, NJ just passed a law, A1633. The law permits the court to include animals in domestic violence restraining orders.
The measure’s sponsor, Assemblywoman Connie Wagner, in a statement after passage, said:

We’ve heard so many stories of pets being abused or even killed as retaliation against a partner when a relationship goes sour. Oftentimes it’s done without thinking as an attempt to hurt the other partner, but whether it’s intentional or not, animals should not have to suffer. This is a humane measure designed to protect innocent pets from being the victim of a domestic dispute.

Yeah for Connie Wagner and yeah for pets in NJ. Hopefully this type of legislation will pass in other states soon.

Which pet is better, cats or dogs?

Dogs or Cats? Which pet is best?

A Washington Post article posed the epic question, “Cats vs. Dogs: Whose the better pet?” Oh say it isn’t so! They went there…they really went there! Disclaimer: We love both cats and dogs.

The question was posed by a book recently released by National Geographic. Cats and Dogs are rated in a variety of categories..Nat Geo’s opinion of course. The name of the book was not given in the article, but we google searched and a children’s book, Cats vs. Dogs by, Elizabeth Carney came up.

Celebrity Pet Gossip: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s newest live in is cuter than Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses

TMZ is reporting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg added a cute new Puli to his pack and low and behold, this is what we found.

Cat News: Why do cats purr?

The blog post below was reposted with permission from the author, Dr. Kelly Wright. Dr. Kelly is a DVM specializing in felines. She writes a wonderful blog called The Real Housecats of OC and she is a valued member of the Woofy Woo Crew. We found this extremely interesting. Thank you Dr. Kelly!

Popular Facebook dog, Noble, meets his perfect match

We were wondering how many Facebook pet/person matches have been made. Especially a match involving an assistance dog whose journey was followed by tens of thousands online as part of a Milk Bone campaign and an injured marine. We found this story by Sue Manning, AP and it truly does have a happy ending. Read on…

Pet News: Lab Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary in the Top Spot, While the Bulldog Continues Its Ascent to Reign Supreme in the Dog World

The American Kennel Club (AKC®) announced its nationwide registration statistics today, revealing that for the 20th consecutive year, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in America.

Pet Industry Brands sought for, Pets Teach Us So Much Radio and Blog Sponsorship

Now is the perfect time to advertise economically with the pet industry’s internet power house presence of the media outlets. We are currently offering business friendly packages that include click though ads, weekly radio advertisements on the globally syndicated Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show and conference sponsorship for our trip to BlogPaws 2011.

AnnieWear, Animal-Themed Infant & Toddler Clothing and Gifts E-Retailer Gives Back!

How do you combine your love of animals and desire to help animal rescues with your passion for business and wrap it up into a kids’ online store with a mission? With, that’s how!  Inspired by a rescue dog named Annie, the store offers unique, high quality and just plain adorable animal-themed items that […]

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