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Cat nutrition-they may not always like what is good for them.

Cat nutrition-they may not always like what is good for them.


Having a kitty myself, I’ve come to the realization that I wouldn’t mind being in a cat’s world. Who wouldn’t want to just eat, sleep, and be loved? Not to mention, be a little spoiled-but I’m okay with admitting that. There’s a daily routine that’s been developed: my alarm clock has now been replaced by Sadie, who wakes me up with her little head nudged against my cheek. The difference between her and my IPhone?  There’s no Snooze button-whatsoever. Time to eat!  I was really curious in the beginning as to what would be the best type of food for her.

When she came home with me, I tried to remember everything I was taught in regards to pet care. Although my dad was a great trainer, he would enjoy pet treats every now and then (out of humor, of course) ,so I tried to remember everything else, aside from the treat consumption.

Breakfast is definitely her favorite meal of the day, which happens to consist of wet food. A benefit of wet food? It contains moisture, and because cats usually don’t take in enough water, wet food is a minor source. Another way to entice them to drink more, is to take catnip pellets and place them in their water bowl.

So, what’s more beneficial for a cat, wet food or dry food? Why not, a little bit of both? I guess taste wise, it’s kind of like comparing a granola bar to a plump, juicy burger, if you were hungry.

A fact I found quite interesting: wet food is strongly suggested within a cat’s diet. You can always have properly proportioned food delivered to your house, as mentioned a few weeks ago in the Pet Nutrition Blog, but if you prefer not to, know that felines need a lot of meat. They need the protein and the fat. even stated that if we, as humans, followed a cat’s diet  we would probably  have heart disease by age 20. Cats cannot handle carbs too well. If they ate as many carbohydrates as we do ,it would be detrimental to them in the long run.

For me, it’s incredibly hard to resist those little eyes that drop, and the tiny nose that manages to creep up any time as  I’m getting ready to eat.  There are certain foods that cannot make cats only sickly, but can be fatal as well. According to, cats should never eat, garlic, chocolate , or  similar root vegetables.  These foods can  eventually lead to anemia. Green tomatoes and potatoes can cause very violent gastrointestinal problems because of an alkaloid called Glycoalkaloid Solanine. Avocados can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Milk, as well can cause uncomfortable cramping and other stomach issues. Not too many people are aware, but the majority of cats are lactose-in tolerant; however, there are solutions today. Pet stores carry Catsip which is a product made from the enzymes of skim milk to help digestion. Knowing all of  this also helps me not feel so guilty about saying “no” when Sadie is begging to devour my food. The art of manipulation will not work for me in that aspect…even though cats are so darn good at it!

What about obese cats ? So many people make the common mistake of over-feeding their furry friend. There are certain measures that can be taken to slim kitty down. It’s okay to leave dry food out during the day, but measure the amount-don’t just assume. Interacting with your furry friend using simple toys is encouraged , as it gets them moving.  I wouldn’t recommend putting your pet on a treadmill or an elliptical; but I wouldn’t be surprised anymore if someone came out with kitty workout tools!

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