Cat and Gator-People are crazy

So much gator news and so little time this past few weeks.  With that said, maybe you have seen this video of a cat becoming aggressive with a gator or croc, not sure which.  We find it absolutely ridiculous that everyone stands around talking/commenting about the cat, but no one tries to stop it from going near the gator.  No one seems to be concerned that a  small child is petting the cat about 6 feet from the water’s edge and the gators.  One of the gators looks like he would have been more than happy to bite a man’s leg as well.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Cat and Gator-People are crazy

  1. When I first saw this video I had to stop watching it and, yes, I was shocked and appauled at the people in the background standing around laughing about it all.

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