Bravo! Pet Food Review and Giveaway

A few weeks ago , in the blog about  Dog Nutrition, I  mentioned grain-free lifestyles. With cats, there are such products, which include the raw food diet.   Bravo! was very generous to send me their Turkey and Chicken Medley treats, training treats, and a coupon for their raw food products .
Bravo food and treats.

Bravo food and treats.

The cool benefit about this product? It’s 100 percent natural, with no additives and no crazy formulas. Unlike other cat foods, there are no more than 5 ingredients in each meal. They definitely get a star for keeping it simple, healthy, and balanced.
Since Sadie is so young, I decided to train her with something simple first. Using the training treats, I’d pat my stomach, provoking her to stand up on her hind legs, implying that she’d reach up for me. She’s a fast learner because a few times after trying, she did just that, and now does it every time.
But what makes a treat, a training treat? I did some research, and the ingredients that make this specific treat so intriguing to cats? Well there’s muscle and organ meat , in addition to real Vermont cheddar cheese. Yum, gotta love organ meat! Maybe it doesn’t seem appealing to humans, but as long as my cat’s happy, I’m quite okay with accepting that concept. The morsels are mixed in different shapes and colors, and Sadie had no problem licking them right out of the palm of my hand.
Trying to obtain the raw food meals was a little difficult. It’s not found in popular pet stores, and was a little bit of hassle, but after calling a few places I was able to buy a bag. It all depends where you live. If you reside in New York, there are a bunch of pet stores that carry this product, as New York is more so of a bigger area than where I am in. If  you want something bad enough, and it’s going to be an advantage for you or someone special, why not go the extra mile?
I have to say that price wise-it really wasn’t that bad for a five pound bag of Turkey Blend Burgers. It was only $21.00!  For being such a popular trend, and being very healthy, I thought it was going to be much more, so Bravo to Bravo!.
Sadie enjoying Bravo!

Sadie enjoying Bravo!

 In regards to the raw food itself-it definitely took some time for Sadie to get used to it. Just as I can’t stand certain foods, I’d learn to live with them if I was a pet.  For my cat’s sake, that’s what she had to do, being I supply her with food. To describe the meat, it was almost identical to an uncooked hamburger. It could very well pass for a burger I’d eat, It took me a couple of hours to thaw ,as I expected being it was frozen. Sadie is spoiled and picky, but has no problem eating anything appealing (both animate or not). When I presented her with a small amount of the Bravo! Turkey Burger, she was hesitant, and left it alone.  I also heard this was normal because it was a substance that was quite foreign to her. I came to the conclusion that with this product, no matter how many days had passed, I had to place it on top of her dry food in order for it to be eaten. A week and a half later, the same concept still exists, only with less dry food. I want her to be healthy, but I also want her happy and satisfied.
Bravo! is doing a great job in a business that is booming in popularity for all of the advantages of the raw food diet. The more I watch her start to indulge during breakfast with this product, the more I learn that sometimes ya just need patience. Sometimes we have to change our lifestyle for the over all well-being, and I’m satisfied knowing that I’m helping to keep her healthy with the best decisions I make.
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  1. Lauren E.

    My cat loves to try new foods. She’s not picky at all

  2. Kelly Ann T.

    To donate it to a shelter.

  3. Kelly Ann T.

    To make a donation to the shelter.

  4. Kelly Ann T.

    This will make a nice donation.

  5. Kelly Ann T.

    To make a donation to the shelter so the kitties will have a much needed food.

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