Bloggy Soup Goodness!

Bloggy Soup Goodness

We just needed to stir everything together to make some “Bloggy Soup Goodness” for your enjoyment.  We wanted to make sure you knew all of the components of the goodness that has recently occurred in a little warm, “Cup O Bloggy Soup” this past week. Yummy!

-Princess the Camel is still picking the games…the Jets this week and she is graham crackerliciously studying those stats! You do the humpy hump, do the humpy hump Princess!  You rock and so does the Popcorn Park Zoo and all of the wonderful employees and volunteers that make it such a magical place. Go to Princess’ Page.

-Ashlee Simpson Wentz-“BEGGA” as Mon D. from Staten Island says.  Congratulations on your Hall of Shame “WIN”. Way to go!  The reason this is EVEN MORE traumatic then usual is that we just sponsored sweet little Molly the Pony to go to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC to cheer the wounded soldiers. So Ashlee decided to carry a handbag made of Molly! SUPPA BEGGA!

-We announced will hold 2 contests every month! One contest is a themed photo contest and the other contest is a drawing from sign ups on the newsletter and the Community. Just some fun for the coming months! Full Details, GO

-Pet People Rock!!!  It would be so incredibly Woofy Woo of you to submit us for the Streamy Awards!  We would love to “Represent” all of the pet peeps doing great things in the world!  You can vote every day until Jan. 22. If you are so inclined, please go to, go to the right hand side of the page, click, “Public Submissions”, in the drop down box, click, “ Best Hosted Web Series”, next line down, “Show Name” type, “”,  next line down, “URL”, type,

Keep Woofy Wooing dear friends! Pet People Rock!

As always, feel free to comment below or email us at

Have a day filled with Chihuahua-isms


Oh, I love naps!

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