Bird Hoarder Busted in NJ

Birds living in horrid conditions. Photo credit AHS

Floor to ceiling cages housing many birds in each cage. Photo credit, AHS

Two birds rescued and in need of help. Photo credit, AHS

A bird hoarder was busted in Belleville, NJ in March with over 425 birds in their house according to the Associated Humane Societies. Unbelievable!  They were living in horrific conditions with overcrowded cages stacked from floor to ceiling in every room.

These little guys need help.  According to the post on the AHS site,

“Supporters also are asked to donate:

* Fresh fruits and vegetables.

* All types of bird seed, parrot chow, etc.

* Monetary donations to pay for blood and lab testing expenses

Donations can be dropped off at the Tinton Falls Animal Care Center, 2960 Shafto Road, Tinton Falls, NJ during operating hours. To volunteer to help care for the birds while at the shelter, call 732-922-0100.”

Eventually the rescued birds will be put up for adoption.

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