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Bionic® toys prove to be tough & water friendly


Minneapolis, MN (June 27, 2012) – Some dogs have a “just add water” motto when it comes to fun. If they think fetching is fun, splashing through the waves to retrieve a favorite toy is better. In order to keep up with these water loving canines, Bionic® Pet Products has the perfect toy to accompany Fido in any water adventure.


Pack any of the four Bionic® shapes from the Bionic® Pet Product line for a guaranteed day of fun at the beach or bring it on the boat to keep Fido busy. And in case the fun goes overboard, the bold orange toy will stay afloat for a quick and easy rescue.


Made from specially engineered Bionic Rubber®, these toys are made to last. The molecules of Bionic Rubber® are cross-linked to create a flexible, bouncy and float-friendly toy that’s nearly puncture proof. Best yet, Bionic Rubber® is practical. The Bionic® toys are dishwasher safe and most dogs find it to be virtually indestructible. Fewer than 5% of dogs outsmarting their Bionic Rubber® based products.

Bionic® Pet Products versatility is sure to impress even the toughest critic. Each shape is designed to pack a punch of fun wherever you and your dog may go.



Bionic® Ball

Available sizes: Small (1 – 20 lbs), Medium (15 – 35 lbs) and Large (30 – 60 lbs)

–        Bounce against the spine for normal bounce or against the openings (hole edges)

for unpredictable bounce

–        Fits most chucking/throwing toys

–        Stuff with peanut butter or treats


Bionic® Bone

Available sizes: Small (1 – 20 lbs), Medium (15 – 35 lbs) and Large (30 – 60 lbs)

–        Ergonomically shaped to fit the curvature of dog’s mouth

–        Ridges provide a chewy feel

–        Open center can be stuffed with treats


Bionic® Stuffer

Available size: Standard Size (15 – 60 lbs)

–        Two sides for openings

–        Works with most stuffer kibble treats – use smaller kibble for easier treat dispensing or

larger kibble for difficult treat dispensing

–        Occupies dog for hours

–        Coin purse stuffer hole allows for easy filling or can be used for “strip” style treats



Bionic® Toss-N-Tug

Available sizes: Mini Size (1 – 15 lbs) and Standard Size (15 – 60 lbs)

–        Two-in-one interactive toy

–        “Flip” inside-out and becomes a tug toy

–        Design makes fun flight paths

–        Not intended for tough chewing, excellent for pulling


Made from FDA Food Grade materials that are non-toxic, these toys are as smart as they are strong.  Bionic® leads the pack for durability while other toys can feel like a dime a dozen. Look for the 4 innovative Bionic® shapes, including the Bionic® Ball, Bionic® Bone, Bionic® Toss-N-Tug and Bionic® Stuffer, at an independent pet retailer near you. For more information on the line that is sleek and smart visit their website,, or find them on Facebook at


Bionic® Pet Products

Bionic® Pet Products was launched after the family lab, Duke, successfully destroyed another new toy with ease. By combining Bionic’s knowledge of designing products for strength, their scientific expertise in materials that are durable and their world-class manufacturing capabilities, Bionic® Pet Products has been able to create toys that stand up to the most aggressive playmates, no matter their gnawing habits. Thanks to Bionic Rubber® fewer than 5% of dogs are able to outsmart these ultra-tough toys.

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