Big News for Smaller Breeds-Bionic Pet Products Introduces New Size Options

Big News for Smaller Breeds –

Bionic® Pet Products Introduces New Size Options

Bionic Toys for dogs

Bionic Toys for dogs

The line of tough toys expands with three new small & mini products


Minneapolis, MN (August 6, 2012) – Bionic® Pet Products proudly announces the expansion of their popular line of ultra-tough toys – made up of the Bionic Ball,Bionic Bone, Bionic Toss-N-Tug and Bionic Stuffer – to include new smaller sizes.


Bionic® Pet Products are now available in:


 Bionic Ball– Small (1-20 lbs) NEW– Medium (15-35 lbs)


 Bionic Bone– Small (1-20 lbs) NEW– Medium (15-35 lbs)- Large (30-60 lbs)
 Bionic Toss-N-Tug– Mini (1-35 lbs) NEW– Standard (15-60 lbs)  Bionic Stuffer– Standard (15-60 lbs)

So what’s the inspiration behind their miniaturized additions? Bionic® Pet Products wants to provide shoppers with more options when selecting the proper size and shape for their pet. Unlike other dog toy manufacturers that simply “scale” a dog toy’s shape to match the general sizing standards for the toy, Bionic® went back to the drawing board, making small, but crucial adjustments. In fact, when designing any of their toys, Bionic® demonstrates an advanced understanding of geometry and science. Each size and shape is specifically tailored for the appropriate dog’s bite and strength.


For example, most smaller dogs have sharper teeth which puncture toys easier, but have less overall bite force compared to larger dogs. Knowing this allowed the Bionic® engineers to adjust the geometry of their smaller toys for an increased resistance to punctures. They also slightly softened the new sizes, since smaller dogs don’t need as much force resistance. Comparatively, the larger Bionic® toys exhibit increased force and puncture resistance to accommodate a larger dog’s bite.


Using years of experience producing durable products, the Bionic® team has made adjustments to the processing and chemistry of the Bionic® Rubber material to gain better force and puncture resistance for each toy’s shape and size.


Since their debut in November 2011, Bionic® toys have been then making a name for themselves in pet households across North America. That’s becauseBionic® toys are flexible, bouncy and practically puncture proof. Known for their extreme toughness, Bionic® proudly boasts it’s record of fewer than 5% of dogs outsmarting Bionic Rubber® based products. Made from FDA Food Grade materials that are non-toxic, these toys are as smart as they are strong. The selection of innovative shapes and brightly colored designs make these toys easy to see while playing outside or in the water. Bionic® leads the pack for durability while other toys can feel like a dime a dozen.


Look for the new sizes at an independent retailer near you or visit the store locator on the Bionic® website,



Bionic Pet Products

Bionic® Pet Products was launched after the Luhrs family dog, Duke, successfully destroyed another new toy with ease. By combining Bionic’s knowledge of designing products for strength, their scientific expertise in materials that are durable and their world-class manufacturing capabilities, Bionic® Pet Products has been able to create toys that stand up to the most aggressive playmates, no matter their gnawing habits. Thanks to Bionic Rubber® fewer than 5% of dogs are able to outsmart these ultra-tough toys. For more information on the line that is sleek and smart visit their website,, or find them on Facebook at

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