Beware the Social Ticks-They Will Suck You Dry!

Dealing with Social Ticks can drain us of our energy.

Dealing with Social Ticks can drain us of our energy.

Beware the Social Ticks-They will suck you dry!

On our last episode of Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, 75, we discussed ways to deal with those who leave feeling us zapped of our energy!  Listen to episode 75 to hear the segment.

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend that left you feeling drained and needing a nap?  Did you want to curl up with your pet and pull the blankies over your head?

Some conversations leave you feeling absolutely spent!  Negative Neds and Nellys will complain and whine while taking up your valuable time.  These interactions must be limited so you can conserve your energy and go about your day.  Unfortunately, you might even replay interactions with these individuals in your mind out of frustration.  This takes up even more of your brain-power and time.

By definition, Social Ticks may be co-worker, friends or relatives that are not very happy people.  In their opinion, the world is against the Social Tick.  They never get a break, everyone else is always wrong, they never are “lucky” and any problems they have with other people are always the other person’s fault. (***NOTE-think about who these people are in your life.  Do these people own pets?  Mostly we have found that they do not own pets. Weird, huh?)

People change over time.  Those old friends who you might have met years ago when they were happy, young and carefree may have turned into just the opposite now.  Sometimes, the self-centered attitudes of individuals involve interactions where they talk at you and never ask how you are!

The more you feed into the behaviors of the Social Tick, the more they drink your energy.  They will take what they want and offer nothing in return.  When they are done using up your energy, they simply drop away, only to return when they are hungry for someone to listen to them or make them feel better about themselves.

What can you do?  Use the “Tick Tock”!

The “Tick Tock” method is a technique we use to conserve our energy when dealing with these types of energy drinkers.  The “Tick Tock” method uses a time limit when interacting with Social Ticks.  Time limits are the key factor to winning the battle.

Set the time limit and expectation in advance.  For example, at the beginning of a phone call you received from a Social Tick, say something like, “Oh hi, I need to leave for the store in 10 minutes” or “I have a meeting in 15 minutes, so I can’t talk long.”  It gives you an out.  It sets the expectation of a time frame and conserves your energy.

The Tick Tock saves you the chore of fishing around for an “out”.  It also alleviates your stress by worrying about how to make an exit.  Don’t feed into the negative energy Social Ticks project while taking your positive energy.  Using the Tick Tock conserves your energy and your sanity.

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