Bee Careful! Five dogs die from bee hive attack in owner’s yard in Texas

Africanized Bee

We ran across an interesting article and in fact, this news is just down-right scary.  A pet owner’s neighbor was mowing his lawn when a hive of  agitated bees stung him 12 times and moved on in an angry rage.    The dog’s were in the wrong place at the wrong time-just chasing squirrels in their own back yard and they became victims of the bee’s fury.

Defenseless and unable to combat the bee venom injected into them, the poor dogs succumbed to the stings.

The article brings up several points about the liability of the property owner on which the hive lived.  Apparently, the property owner was aware of the hive for 2 years.  The bee’s gained access to the inside of the walls in the owner’s home through unsealed holes drilled in the wall to install a water softening system.

This goes without saying-please use caution when leaving pets outside unattended.

More information about the spread of Africanized bees.

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