Be the Change challenge, on line rummage sale for benefit of your local shelter

Rummage Sale for benefit of pets

Rummage Sale for benefit of pets

Yvonne DiVita from BlogPaws told us about the Be the Change Challenge last week on our radio show and we wanted to pass the information along: From Facebook

Introducing the world’s largest sale for homeless pets!

Join Us May 18-25

  • It’s time for spring cleaning, so we’re cleaning out our closets for a good cause!Join us May 18-25 as we host the world’s first virtual garage (aka car boot) sale to help pets. You can participate from your own home and benefit your favorite local rescue group or shelter. It’s easy, simply find stuff you don’t want anymore, sell it online and then donate the proceeds to your favorite shelter or rescue group.Don’t have a favorite shelter? Find one

How to Participate

  • Post on our Facebook wall to let us know you’ve accepted the challenge, then share the challenge with your friends and readers.
  • Clean out your closets and encourage everyone you know to do the same.
  • Pick a sale site such as Ebay, Craig’s List or Etsy. Never sold something online before? It’s easy! We have detailed how-to instructions coming soon.
  • Pick a pet charity as the recipient. If you don’t have a favorite charity, shelter or rescue group you can find your local one on
  • On May 18th, post your items for sale on your designated site (be sure to check back here for posting guidelines) and then add your sale items to the linky list that we open on the Be the Change blog and then promote, promote, promote to get those items sold. Sales should run until May 25.
  • Donate the proceeds to your pet charity of choice then report your total donation to us by June 5 so we can announce our collective impact!

Questions and Resources

      We have more information coming soon, but please feel free to ask any questions you have in our new

BlogPaws Be the Change for Pets Discussion tab



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