Bavarian girl becomes a real cowgirl

Well, sometimes you have to make due with what you have.  This 15 year old girl, who lives in Bavaria  rides a cow because her parents won’t buy her a horse.  Regina, the ultimate cowgirl, even consulted a Swiss cow school asking for advice about riding her cow, named Luna.  Luna now jumps like a horse and supposedly, veterinarians have no objections to Regina riding the cow.

Good thing she didn’t have a barn full of sheep.  That would have been baaad.


Bavarian cowgirl udderly over the moon about leaping Luna

The 15-year-old from Bavaria, whose parents are part-time farmers, has trained her cow Luna to show jump just like a horse.  Luna, spurred on by treats such as carrots and lumps of sugar, can now jump over one metre-tall obstacles.

It all started when Regina’s parents knocked back her pleas for a horse. Regina, from the town of Laufen near the Austrian border, was a keen horse rider from the age of seven but her mother and father thought she was still too small for her own horse.

But Regina refused to take the refusal lying down. “Since we had a barn full of cows, I thought I’d just try it,” she recalled.

Click here for more photos of Luna.


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