Bad Problems? No Problem!

Bad Problems?  No Problem!

We all have problems.

We all have problems.


Robbin and Joseph Everett, The Love Genies, host a weekly relationship segment on their radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much,  for people with pets.  This blog post was discussed in episode 112.  Listen in to hear the full conversation.

Wait, what?  No problem?

So, problems are worrisome, annoying and time consuming, right?  Reoccurring problems seem to grate on our last good nerve and leave us asking, “Why me? Why this?  Why now?”

Think about one reoccurring problem in your life- just one.  For us, it’s dealing with stupid people.  We seem to be banished to a land of stupid, where everyone drank stupid juice topped with dummy sauce and dope-ass drops!

We are plagued with these people that perpetually piss us off and have us rolling our eyes for what seems like every minute of every day.  So what does that mean?

It means we are not learning the lessons we are supposed to learn.  It means we are supposed to or maybe that we have sliced these people in half fin a former life and now it’s time for payback.

So, don’t think for one minute that these encounters are random, because they are not.  Obviously, we have not learned the lessons we are supposed to be learning, so the opportunities to learn the lessons present themselves time and time again.

And so it goes-until you turn the bad problem into an opportunity and learn to turn the bad into good, you too will have bad problems.

An optimistic attitude and the will to continue on your path helps too.  Just say to yourself, “It’s all good and I can learn from this.”  You know, your pet finds time to lie in the sun.  As you go through life and get tested each and every day, don’t you forget to lie in the sun as well and reflect on your triumphs.

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