August: National Homeless Animals Day & National Dog Day, who knew?

We receive several “Complimentary” calendars from rescue groups around the US.   Some of these calendars contain days that we have never even heard of such as National Homeless Animals Day and National Dog Day.

We thought National Take Your Dog To Work Day and Pet Fire Safety Day were two great days! But we just want to know, who gets to decide when a day becomes a National day and gets placed on the pet calendar.  So we investigated…

The ASPCA calendar states National Dog Day is August 26, but doesn’t mention National Homeless Animals Day.  The Humane Society calendar states August 21 is National Homeless Animals Day, but doesn’t mention National Dog Day.

After our exhaustive research above, we think if you print the calendar, you can pretty much name any day anything you want.  Oh what the heck, it’s all good when it comes to helping animals.

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