Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary Raises $5,000 For Breast Cancer

We love Jim and Kelly Simonetti and Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary!  Not only are they caring for animals, now they are raising funds for Breast Cancer.  Check this out:

Antler Ridge's Breast Cancer Support ribbon of hope made out of painted hay bales.

They made a ribbon out of hay bales we asked people to sponsor a hay bale and  painted it pink as they were sponsored.  They raised $5,000 and will be having a dedication and party at the Sanctuary on Sunday, October 10.

Look closely at the inside of the hay bales! Some young rescued fawns are relaxing and showing support for the cause.

A little info about Antler Ridge:

Antler Ridge Farm was purchased by Jim and Kelly Simonetti in 2000. Because the 120-acre farm is protected under the farmland preservation program of New Jersey, it can never be developed. Over the years, some of the land has been restored to the original farming fields, while the rest is being maintained as a wildlife sanctuary.

Under the guidance and direction of several agencies such as The Audubon Society, Tree Farm Stewardship, and Ridge and Valley Conservation, these ongoing efforts will help maintain and continue to nurture the flora and fauna native to New Jersey. The loss of habitat in our State has put a tremendous strain on the wildlife populations, and forced the animals to live in conditions to which they are unable to adapt.

Established a year after the farm, The Antler Ridge Sanctuary is licensed by the State of New Jersey to care for all small mammals that includes, but is not limited to, fawn, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, woodchucks, rabbits and opossums.

We are a 501©3 non-profit organization supported exclusively by public donations and grants. Our staff of experienced volunteers provides immediate care for animals 7 days a week, all year round.

Did you know it costs as much as $75.00 per animal per month to care for them?

Click the link fo more information about Antler Ridge and how you can help these little babies.

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