Anti-gay hate crime kills eight horse in Ohio

Devastation for a horse owner (photo:Advocate)

Devastation for a horse owner (photo:Advocate)

This is another one of those stories that just seem too incredible to be true.  It’s a sad tale of anti-gay hate that resulting in a crime that killed a barn full of horses including a week old foal and one of the other mares was ready to give birth.  The material loss of roughly $500,000 can’t compare to the heart-sick devastation the owner is suffering. Our hearts go out to him.

From Suite 101

Eight horses perished in Ohio when fire was set to their barn. A chilling anti-gay hate message on the barn indicates the motive for the hateful crime.

Seven adult horses and a week old foal died in a barn fire in McConnelsville, Ohio, according to reports in the The New York Daily News, published on April 27, 2011. On the charred remains of the barn, part of spray-painted anti-gay hate messages are still visible. They read: “Burn in Hell” and “f-gs are freaks.” McConnelsville is a tiny village in Morgan County, Ohio, on the east bank of the Muskingum River.

The Barn Was Gone in Five Minutes

The owner of the horses, Brent Whitehouse of McConnelsville, credits his dog with waking him on Easter night. He encountered an orange glow when he looked out the window toward the barn, he told the The Zanesville Times Recorder, “I ran out there, but the doors of my barn wouldn’t open. That barn was gone in five minutes.” Whitehouse was horrified as he watched his property burn. The heat inside the barn was so intense, it melted a tractor that was parked inside.



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