Animal radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much discusses being rescued by a pet.

On our animal radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much, we discussed the topic of who rescues who when it comes to pets during our Love Genies segment.  More of our discussion can be heard on episode, 81.  Below is a synopsis of what was discussed.

Rescued by a pet


Who rescues who?

Who rescued who?

Have you ever seen the bumper stick that reads, “Who rescued who?”.  Sometimes people and pets appear in our lives at opportune times and for a reason.  We may not know the reason at the exact time they appear.  The universe has a sense of humor.

This reminds us of the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  If you are open to learning, the universe will provide you with the teachings you need.

When people and pets appear, we can’t dismiss them as just coincidence.  Some people we run into during the day will irritate us.  Until we are better able to deal with the irritation and the way we interact with these people, we will continue to run into similar personality types.

The issue  will keep popping into your life.  Unless you deal with the issue, you may become so totally irritated, it’s difficult to keep your cool.  Everyone and everything in your life has purpose.  Embrace the issues and challenges you face.

Every member of an organization has something to contribute, no matter how large or seemingly small.  Everyone can offer a contribution at some time.

It’s challenging sometimes to figure out who is the rescuer and who is the rescue.  Rolls change in human and pet relationships.  You might have heard of the woman who was at home suffering from cancer.  Her dog gathered up all of his toys and gently placed them all around her.  He then lay by her feet on the couch until she woke up from a nap, only to find herself covered in dog toys.  A sort of “Get Well Mommy” card from her trusted companion.

A roll reversal and lesson learned when examining who rescued who.



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