Animal Radio Show, Pets Teach Us So Much, 87 discusses how to calm cat fights



Animal radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much, episode 87 discussed how to calm the cat fights that surround us everyday.  To listen to the discussion, tune into episode 87.


No cat fighting in my backyard!

Have you ever seen 2 cats hiss and fight?  How about 2 dogs growling and scraping? Or have you been in the middle of two humans arguing…sniping and such, maybe even via email or texting?  How did that make you feel?  Uncomfortable, angry and sad are three of the adjectives that immediately come to mind.

Often times, those around us, at work or in our personal lives, seemed to be destined for an episode of Celebrity Death Match.  Funny how it usually seems to be the same people involved in conflict, time and time again.  Arguments destroy families, friendships and lives because people refuse to talk it out.  Talking it out doesn’t mean that you will find resolution, but rather make you feel heard and validated, ready to move on.

Sometimes we are called to mediate a bad situation.  We must put our own views aside to preserve a relationship.  Putting us in a potentially uncomfortable situation to help others resolve their conflict or move on in a relationship.



I was raised in a home where people didn’t discuss their feelings.  By the time arguments occurred, relationships were usually not repairable.    This has made me acutely aware of expressing my feelings, although it really takes me a lot of effort and angst to do so just because of my conditioning as a child.

I do have a strong sense of fairness.  When two people or parties are in conflict, regardless of my personal opinions, I will mediate to avoid a potential cat fight.


I was born a diffuser.  Perhaps it’s my training of over 30 years in fire and rescue services.  I can keep people calm and make them smile even in the face of death.  I’m not saying this to brag.  I’m saying it so you can put your potential mediations and conflicts into perspective.

Life is so fleeting and so short.  So many people waste time being angry and locked in conflict.  Locked onto another dog’s jugular vein or scratching and clawing.  To what end?

Working to help others resolve conflict or resolving those in your own life can really make you feel like you have lifted a burden.

See part 2 next week, Finding your wings.





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