Animal radio show discusses lessons from our pets about waiting.

Animal radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much talked about relationships and what we learn from our pets in their Love Genies segment.

In episode 85, The Love Genies talked about how hard waiting is.  The full discussion can be heard in the archived episode.




Waiting is Hard

Our dog loving friends may have tried to balance a biscuit on their pup’s nose.  In our case, Chachala the chihuahua’s snoot is a bit short, so there wouln’t be much surface area to balance a treat.  On the other hand, Philomena the Min Pin, would turn into the Tasmanian Devil.  She couldn’t wait for a treat.  Never in our lives have we had a dog that CAN’T wait for anything and remembers what you tell her.

If Joe tells the girls they can come up on the bed after dinner, they will pester me and throw the stink eye at me until they are up on the bed.  My brain often hurts from them telegraphing, “POPPY SAID WE CAN COME UP ON THE BED”.

No matter what species you belong to, waiting is hard.  Waiting in line, waiting for vacation, waiting for a promotion, waiting for an offer or waiting for a phone call can all illicit a range of emotions.  Philomena’s biggest challenge is waiting for her nuggets to hit the bowl.  She whizzes around in circles and jumps like she is a billy goat until dinner is served.

Sometimes we wait for things like a fabulous opportunity that may never come.  Waiting can be scary, frustrating and make us anxious or depressed.  Sometimes things come to fast, like the end of vacation.

Regardless of your religious affiliations, it’s hard to believe that there isn’t a master plan and when a window closes, a door opens.  It is a difficult concept to grasp until it’s all over and we get to see the end result.  One opportunity missed usually means better opportunites are coming.  It can be maddening.  It’s life.

As us baby boomers reflect on the preferences of the younger, “I want it now” generation, we are reminded of a scene from one of our favorite movies, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp.

Veruca Salt: Daddy, I want a boat like this.  A beautiful paddle boat is what I want.

Grandpa Joe: (to Charlie) What she wants is a good kick in the pants!

Sometimes waiting will lead to those unexpected opportunities that are better than we originally dreamed of or hoped for. Have faith, patience is a virtue.

“And the waiting is the hardest part”-The Waiting, Tom Petty

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