Animal Abuse Registry, A Win for Pets & Children

Pets & Children, the defenseless. Photo shared via Morguefile

Perhaps you have heard of gateway drugs…you know, smoking marijuana “opens the gate” to other heavy drug use.  Now, authorities are taking notice that abusing pets is a potential “gateway abuse” that indicates other potential abuses the accused could be committing.

 An article recently published in the NY Times states:

 “Animal abuse is one of the four indicators that the F.B.I. profilers use to asses future violent behavior, so I don’t see why we should not use it too,” said Diana S. Urban, a Democratic state representative in Connecticut who sponsored a bill mandating that animal control workers and child welfare workers cross-report suspected animal, child or domestic abuse.   Frank R. Ascione, a professor at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work who has extensively studied the topic, said, “The research is pretty clear that there are connections between animal abuse and domestic violence and child abuse.”

 Identifying the abusers and making them accountable for their actions seems to be a growing trend among states.

 The NY Times also states:

 “The cost of building registries or mandating new reporting requirements has also been a concern.

According to a report issued by the Tennessee General Assembly in 2009, a registry there would cost the state $26,200 per year. Colorado conducted a similar analysis in 2002, which found the costs for developing and maintaining an abuser registry at $18,514 the first year and $10,994 for subsequent years.”

With some of the animal abuse cases we have covered on our blog and site, we have often seen lack of consequences for animal abuse.  Perhaps it’s a good idea to fine the abusers and have them split the cost of the database.  What do you think?

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