An “Old Soul” Cat and his Wonderful Story

As cats may have a little more freedom to roam than dogs, we often here stories of cats becoming good will ambassadors of their particular territory.  They own their territory and wear it like a proud badge of honor.  Greeting, purring and prancing around their domain, enhancing the lives of those they meet.

We came across an article published last year in the NY Times, memorializing one such cat who had passed away after a long and wonderful life of 22 years.  (NY Times, full article) “Pretty Boy” lived  in the area of 7th avenue in the East Village and he had a penchant for hanging out in hair salons.  It’s a wonderful article that quotes several people who would spend a bit of time with Pretty Boy as he made his way around the neighborhood each day.  He appeared to be an old soul in cat fur.

Pretty Boy Photo Credit Ann Sanfedele/NY Times

We have a theory about cats being old souls.  Many cats we have had at different times in our lives seem to be wise beyond their years, intuitively being able to stay away from those who mean them harm and gravitate toward those light souls who want to shower them with scritches and treats.

Funny, but you never see a cat walk over to a dark soul, only light souls that they feel comfortable with.  A cat can read your aura in a split second gravitating toward good and moving away from bad.  If only we were able to do the same thing.  By not using our voice of reason, logic and political correctness, we could simply avoid meetings, business associates and those dark souls masked with toothy grins.

We could simply pass by and continue on our journey, meeting our next light soul that we feel comfortable with.  We would be able to exchange ideas in a positive manner potentially working together to make the world a better place for everyone.  We wouldn’t be half as grumpy by the end of the day from dealing with dark souls.

We think the world would be a better place if we all had a cat’s eye view.

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