Alligator takes a dip in Florida’s Gulf Coast University pool

Gator in a pool (not the actual gator)

Gator in a pool (not the actual gator)

Well kids, don’t go swimming in the University pool after hours. Two little gators…yup, only 2 feet long…were having fun in the college pool after hours.  Good thing there were no fraternity dares to go swimming after hours!

By the way, the authorities were not called to remove the gators because they were not considered a threat…they were not 4 feet long.  That’s the rule, 4 feet.  Apparently, this happens quite frequently.  Holy cow, errr, holy alligator!

Here is the story-

It’s not out of the ordinary for students to often see alligators around the ponds on campus. However, it is unusual to see the reptiles taking leisurely swims in the university’s pool.

University Police officers discovered two small alligators, less than 2 feet long, lounging on the deck of the Aquatics Center’s pool on Sunday May 29 around 9:30 p.m.

“About two or three times a year we find alligators in the pool,” said Sgt. Tom Halvorsen, who works for UPD patrol services. “The fences aren’t real tight so they squeeze through.”

When officers approached the alligators, they quickly took off into the pool and hid underneath the starting blocks where officers could not reach them. They were left for a later time.

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