Act of Kindness-Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere is an Animal Lover!

So we flipped our Animal Fair Calendar to April  to see a picture of actress Hayden Panettiere with her cute Terrier mix dog, Madison.  Hayden is probably best known for her role in Heros as super-cheerleader, Clair Bennet.  The calendar has a little blurb about an animal charity Hayden supports, The Whaleman Foundation

Well, this enterprising young gal sells her clothing, autographs, some furniture etc. on line and donates the money to whale and dolphin charities.  It appears that movie stars get lots of freebies, so she is turning some of her swag into tail wags! Not only can people get a bargain, but what a nice thing to do!  Hayden’s website can be found at

So super shout out and Woofy Woo  to Hayden for her Act of Kindness toward animals!

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