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New Media, New Rules!

Pet Power Media members can provide the complimentary web strategy that companies need in this era of new media in order to build brand awareness, drive traffic and boost sales among pet owners who are on-line. Whether they are single pet or multiple pet families, savvy consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on the information they read on the internet, particularly on blogs.

One of the primary benefits to co-sponsoring a promotion with Pet Power Media is that our group is composed of bloggers whose significant influence has an enormous and immediate impact on pet owners.  Our sites attract upper middle class consumers ages 25-54 with at least one pet in the home or barn.

We are a network of influencers in the pet industry who recognize that social media tools are a critical component of any marketing plan regardless of company size and location.  Pet lovers use social media to connect and research products more than ever before.  Pet Power Media will amplify your current marketing efforts by using social marketing tools targeted to an existing network of pet lovers using pet communities, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

A custom designed viral marketing campaign will enhance your existing marketing campaign and complement traditional marketing efforts.  Take advantage of target marketing in an era of new rules and new media.  Put Pet Power Media to work for you today.

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