A Pet Lover’s Guide to Finding Love, Part II

Robbin and Joseph Everett, AKA The Love Genies, talked about finding love on their show tonight. (Episode 92).

Below is a summary of what was discussed.

Last week we talked about the outside-your physical being.  This week, we look at what’s inside.

Looking to the inside-


Finding Love

Finding Love

Pets are considered pure souls.  They are open to kindness and they give love unconditionally.  Unless they have been exposed to trauma, (thank you mean, horrible humans), they are willing to trust and love.

Wow-this is where you really need to take stock of your own feelings and situation.  It’s so simple when you learn from pets.  Are you willing to give what you want to receive what you want?  Have you been hurt in the past and are you not past that trauma?

If you are not past the trauma, you can’t move forward.  Decide to lick your wounds, forgive and forget.  You need to do this to move forward on your path.  People who act like wounded animals, growling and sniping, will not be able to call into their lives that which is truly their heart’s desire.

Sitting around, planning revenge and actions of hatred will keep you stuck right where you are.  The alternative is finding another bad match. You just call into your life someone who is just as abusive or uncaring as the last person.

Step outside of your comfort zone.  You deserve to find true love.  You deserve to be loved.  You can only make it happen when you are whole and happy on the inside.  Only then, will you truly be able to find the love of your life.

Listen to Pets Teach Us So Much, episode 92 for more.


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