A Newcomer’s Guide to the Term “Woofy Woo”

You may have asked yourself…Self- “What is this thing they call Woofy Woo?”

Self may have replied to Self, “I dunno…I just don’t know, but do you have chocolate?”

Self– “No, I don’t have any chocolate.  Note to Self, get a Snickers bar.”

We thought it only fitting that we give you some examples of the proper use of the phrase, “Woofy Woo”, so that you can feel confident throughout the day as you use the term in your everyday life.  And remember, when someone “Woofy Woos” you, it is only polite to “Woofy Woo” them in return in a pleasant, cheery tone of voice.


The following examples are merely representations of situations that the term “Woofy Woo” may be properly used.  Do not be afraid to experiment with the term, especially when conversing with your pet or other friendly Pet Peeps.

Proper Use:

While “High Fiving”- Absolutely shout “Woofy Woo!” when you are high fiving someone.

Jumping up and clicking your heels in joy-Yes, another fine example of when to let out a “Woofy Woo”

When giving your dog a treat– Tell him “Good Girl/Boy! Woofy Woo!”

When passing another person walking their dog– Smile, nod and say “Woofy Woo”.

Please feel free to comment and post any other examples of the proper use of the word you may think of.  Have a Woofy Woo Day!

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