A Dirty Secret & A Laugh


Philomena & Chachala, our fur children on TPPC.tv

We had a little fun last night.  The pups thought they were really getting away with something, which just made us laugh. Not all of this story will make you laugh.  Part of the story might make you a little sick to your stomach.  Sorry in advance, for that part.

 Now, this part might make you a little sick…

Our Min Pin, Phil has a dirty little secret.  She displays an odd behavior, Coprophagia or “Poop Eating”.  Gag! We have read a lot about stopping this behavior and why dogs do it.  We even spoke with our Veterinarian, who said to sprinkle meat tenderizer in their food.  We think it only tenderized the snack.

Quite frankly, the best we can figure, Phil eats Cha’s poop when Cha has eaten a tasty table scrap, usually chicken.  Interestingly though, all of the information I have read never mentions the fact that there perhaps is something that just plain smells mighty good in there!

 OK, we know it’s gross, but we kind of feel better now, you know, sharing our dirty secret with 10,000 of our closest friends … but so we digress.

 After a little episode of “Philomena, oh no you didn’t,” the girls where banned from watching TV in Mommy and Poppy’s bed. (We are sorry if we sound like freaks…it’s our life and this is what happens.)  American Idol was on, and quite frankly, the girls like the singing. So after the big, sad, puppy-dog-eyed-stares, I told them they could hide in the bed and I would smuggle them in.

 And now for a little laugh…

I took a big beach towel, wrapped the two of them up and told them to hide and not to move.  I covered their faces until we reached the bed, turned them to face the TV, then made a little space for them to peek out once I put them on the bed.  Joe and I had all we could do not to crack up laughing.  They watched Idol, not moving at all for about 30 minutes.  We couldn’t take it anymore, we were amazed.  Joe said, “Where are Cha and Phil?” knowing all the while they were under deep cover, wrapped in a towel on the bed.

 They both jumped out of the towel, wagging their tails and licking our faces.  They were all doggie smiles, jumping around and really thinking they got away with something.  So after a hugfest, we told them to get back in the towel and they could finish watching American Idol, which they did.

We really wonder about that secret silent dog language…what was the conversation? I guess that’s their dirty little secret that will continue to make us laugh.

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4 thoughts on “A Dirty Secret & A Laugh

  1. Interesting you should mention coprophagia. We just had a long talk about it last night in Twitter’s #dogtalk chat group.

    It’s actually not an uncommon behavior. There are a lot of different theories about why pet’s do this, ranging from simply tasting good to trying to recycle undigested nutrients. There are also a lot of remedies. Meat tenderizer, as you mentioned is one. It works for some dogs, but not for all. When practical, the best advice is to remove the feces before your dog is able to practice this unsavory behavior.
    .-= Lorie Huston´s last blog ..Feline Behavior Modification Tips =-.

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