7 things our pets taught us about Hurricane Irene

So now that the rain has stopped at the Jersey Shore, it’s a good time to reflect on the past 4 days and look at what our pets taught us during this emergency.

Cha and Phil demonstrating "Hunker"

Cha and Phil demonstrating "Hunker"

1) Pick your place and stay there.  Hunker down and stay together.

2) Make sure you check on each other.

3) Bark (or meow) if you hear loud noise, then go back to sleep until it’s over.

4) Don’t walk on the beach if the sand is blowing in your eyes.

5) Woof or meow at your friends on social media because that makes you feel better.

6) Have lots of cookies and treats in the house.  Kibble is so “everyday”.

7) Make sure you tie your toys together so none of them blow away.

Yup-that’s our “dog’s eye view” of the world.

Here is the latest video of the current conditions.

The latest conditions at the Jersey Shore

Thoughts and prayers go out to those still riding out the storm and those who have sustained damages.

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