5 Observations on Our 25th Episode-iversary

We have learned quite a bit since our very first episode with Wag On Inn Rescue almost 2 years and 25 episodes ago!  We just wanted to share some of our reflections with you.

Pet People Rock-Pet Peeps not only love their own pets, but many of them work so hard to help homeless pets.  That’s so incredibly cool because that is one of the primary reasons TPPC.tv exists.  We love supporting Pet Bloggers, Pet Lovers and Petactular Peeps everywhere.

Woofy Woos make People Smile– Just in general, if you are having a bad day, say “Woofy Woo!”  Yes, it is silly.  No, it doesn’t matter if anyone else at your office or place of employment doesn’t, “Get it”.  They probably aren’t pet people anyway, so who cares?  A real pet person would “Woofy Woo” back at you!

Cat Translation Units, (as seen is Episode 21) Really Don’t Exist-We felt a little guilty playing a bit of “Movie Magic” shenanigans on you guys.  So, there is no need to continue sending us emails asking where to purchase the translation units, as they really don’t exist.  But it was fun wishing they really did exist.  Another note…we can’t be responsible for those of you who are at your place of employment pretending you did purchase a “Cat Translation Unit” whilst perplexing your coworkers when you call your cats at home during the work day to “Cat Chat” with them telling everyone you own a “Cat Translation Unit.”

There ARE Other People Just Like Us!– Other people call their pets their furbabies and children.  Other people  make special meals, plan trips, buy special gifts and love their pets just as much as we love ours.

“Virtual Friends” Through Social Networks Can Turn Out To Be “Regular Friends”-We know this phrasing sounds odd, but what we mean is we love the relationships we have built with people.  One of the most rewarding parts of what we do is getting out to meet you all.  You all mean so much to us.

Thank you all for making the first 25 Episodes so much fun.  We look forward to sharing our collective future for the benefit of animals everywhere with you all.

Lookie Lou is a little dog who lives in the TPPC.tv

Woofy Woo!

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