5 Considerations & 5 Rules of Engagement for “Take Your Dog To Work Day”

The ASPCA or whoever the calendar god is of this sort of thing, has declared June 25th as “Take Your Dog to Work Day”.

So, for those of you who want to bring your dog into work…start talking it up now! There is no reason why well mannered pups shouldn’t be included!

Here are 5 Things to Consider Prior to Bringing Your Fur Baby to work…ask yourself these questions:

1) Is your boss an animal lover? Bringing in your dog may be a CLM (Career Limiting Move) in some places of work. Everyone should be on board with the fun and agree prior to celebrating the day.

2) Is your dog “too vocal” or nervous? Some dogs are easily excited when meeting new people and pets. If he will be barking and annoying everyone…let’s just say, barker beware, you will not be very popular with the well behaved bunch.

3) Does your place of work have an area which can be designated as a “Comfort Station”. Make sure everyone agrees that walking the dogs in a designated area (and of course picking up after the pooch) is OK with the property managers.

4) Does your schedule for the day permit you to bring your dog? Will you be expected to be in meetings and can you bring your dog into the meetings? If not, can you buddy up with someone willing to watch him while you are in a meeting?

5) Are all of your pet’s shots up to date? Make sure your pet is vaccinated, wormed and flea and tick protected. You would not want to come home with more legs than you left with.

All systems go? 5 Rules of Engagement for the day:

Make sure everyone is on the same page. Circulate this article or similar rules so everyone has the same expectations of what the day will hold.

1) Pretty-up your pup and pack all of your pet’s gear- Do we even need to mention groovy grooming before the big day? A bath, fur brush, nails clipped a little squish of smell good pouffiness will keep the stinky “Wolves at bay”. Before you leave in the morning, make sure your dog had plenty of potty time and is wearing ID. Bring your pup’s, collar, leash, bed, food and water bowls, food, treats, poop pickup bags and quiet toys to occupy his time. Bring his crate, stroller or gate your work area to keep everyone safe.

2) Prior to the day, remove all potential hazards from the workplace. Make sure candy dishes with chocolate and sugar free gum are removed or replace the contents with dog biscuits. Make sure electrical wires are out of reach, push pins & paper clips are picked up and trash is secured. Experience tells us if there is something our fur babies can get into, they will.

3) Do not assume you can put all of the pooches in a play room and they will be fine. The pack mentality could potentially start dogs fighting for dominance. That is the last thing you want to happen. Dogs should be kept with you on a leash or contained in a crate, stroller or private gated area for the day.

4) Be prepared to move away from an awkward situation. Move away from any aggressive dogs. Dogs who are not normally growlers may become protective of their peeps in this new environment. Look for the warning signs! If a dog raises his hair, stiffens his tail, lunges forward, shows his teeth, simply take your dog out of harms way.

5) Plan some niceties and special treats if you can. As pet owners, we love to celebrate our pets. If the budget allows, commemorative bandanas, special “Dog Employee ID Badges”, a picnic lunch, ice cream social with “Frosty Paws” for the honored guests, Dog-Treat Goodie Bags, photo session and memory board for the office or photo frames with “Em-PAW-ee of the Year” could add to the fun.

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