4 Point Pet Safety Check for Independence Day Celebrations

Woofy Woo, Happy 4th of July to you!

This is a big party weekend we have coming up so it’s time to do a little pet safety check before we let the party begin.  Food, friends and fireworks may be putting stress on your pets, so let’s take a 4 point safety check before we get the fiesta started.

Human Food Intake-Just say no!

Visitors love to give a little treat to the family pet.  This could potentially lead to a puke-fest from a belly ache later.  The last thing you probably want to do is pick up Lassie’s chunks-o-fun while your guests watch you crawl around on the carpet.  Make sure everyone knows the rules-no food for Fido.

Drinks Cups- Out of Reach

Make sure you have plenty of end tables next to your furniture so cups aren’t for pups that get hiccups.

It’s OK to have a “Pet Rest Period”

Kids get cranky and so do pets: Too much of a good thing is not so good sometimes.  We all love to have our pets involved in the festivities.  We must watch our pets around new adults and children, we know their idiosyncrasies, but all visitors may not be “Pet People”.  To avoid any issues, give your pet a break if there is too much stimulation.  He may enjoy resting in his crate as opposed to being pestered.


You know your pet best. Make sure they are where they need to be before the fireworks begin to prevent bolting or undue anxiety for you both.  If you have a pet that gets anxious during fireworks, investigate different methods of desensitization and start working on the process of desensitization as soon as possible.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July Furfriends!

Woofy Woo!

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