3 Tips for Finding Your Mate


3 Tips for Finding Your Mate

3 Tips for Finding Your Mate

How can I find the right  person for me?  We are starting a series of tips and introspective questions you can use to start your way on a journey to finding your true love.  Your forever home…errr, person.  So let’s get started!

We have all had our moments of , “Why did I go out with the person ? What was I thinking?”

Don’t feel bad!  We have all done it!  It doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong, it just means you aren’t doing what you should be doing to be successful in your relationship.

So let’s look at 3 easy steps to get you on the path to relationship success!

1). Decide what is best for you long term

Let’s face it, looks and lust fades.  You can certainly find someone you are attracted to, but long term, what are the personality traits you look for?  Make a list.  OK, that may sound stupid, but if you don’t know what you are looking for, how are you ever going to find it?  So many people seem to settle for less than what they really want out of convenience.  That may be a short term fix to a long term problem.

2). You can’t change someone, so pick the person who is what you want, right now.

Stop trying to rescue people like we are rescuing pets!  That doesn’t work.  Period.  Unless someone is in the process of changing, talking about changing is just that…talk.  And we all know talk is cheap.  Yes, this is cold, hard reality, but it is the truth.  And sometimes the truth hurts.

3). Visualize the person and the relationship you want

Some people may call this total horse-pucky, but we are believers in your reap what you sow.  Really, you need to clearly figure out what you want in a relationship and in life and don’t waiver from ultimately is the best thing for you.

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