3 Things People Do With Their Pets That We Find Really Annoying

3 Things People Do With Their Pets That We Find Really Annoying, because it’s just plain dangerous

People who pretend they didn’t see their pet leave a big heaping, steaming pile of poop and they don’t clean it up.- They “Eyes In a Different Direction” look around town instead of picking up their dog’s poo…you know these people, we have all seen them.  If they know you are watching, they would probably have picked it up.  So many viruses and diseases are spread by feces that it becomes dangerous to let your dog walk in areas frequented by many pets.

People who let their dogs sit in their laps when they drive. -This  is incredibly dangerous for the dog.  No restraint and an airbag inches away.  Most of the time, these people have the window all the way down so their dog can ride half way out of the vehicle as well. Geez.

People who leave their pet off leash in an area where they are supposed to be leashed.-That’s just plain dangerous for the dog and other dogs and people around him.  These are the dogs who do not listed to their Pet Peeps.  These are the Pet Peeps who deny that their dog has ever bitten anyone.

Did we miss any Pet Peeves?  Sorry, we just needed to vent.  Thanks for listening.  Stay safe, because we care!

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2 thoughts on “3 Things People Do With Their Pets That We Find Really Annoying

  1. People that abuse their pets right in front of you. That is one of our biggest pet peeves.
    People that let their dogs hang out the windows with no restraint and no protective eye gear.
    People that put their pets unleashed/unrestrained in the back of the pick up. Imagine the horror of the person that runs over the dog that jumped from the vehicle.
    Just dog abusers in general.
    People that give up their pets for no good reason.

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