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ME-wow! A beautiful cat!

ME-wow! A beautiful cat!

Well, with the popularity of quizzes on Facebook, I thought it might be fun to create some quizzes about TICA’s world of cats! So here is the first one. It’s all about some of the most popular breeds of long-haired cats in The International Cat Association. No matter what you score, I hope you’ll learn some new and interesting things about these beautiful cats. Have fun and happy quizzing!
Vickie Fisher,
President, TICA


Dogs, Dating and Assumptions

Young happy couple runnig on a green meadow with a dog

Dogs, Dating and Assumptions

I commute to and from work via train and sometimes have an opportunity to chat with people. This summer, I got to know a commuter who is traversing the adult dating world and it’s fascinating. Not only does dating not get easier as you get older, but as a dog blogger, I can’t help but make some correlations between his experience with dating to my experience raising dogs.

False Advertising Won’t Go Away

A phrase that I’ve noticed growing in popularity in the pet stores is “Made in the USA.” It used to be that the brands using this phrase were small businesses who actually did source and make their products in the USA, but the scandal surrounding China sourced chicken jerky treats has pushed bigger brands to adopt this phrase too (even when they still source ingredients from China).

Keep in mind that just because a brand is a US company and make some products in the US, they still may have ingredients that are sourced from around the world. You can find out through a Google search or asking the brand. With everyone having a Facebook page, it’s much easier to connect with a brand representative.

Don’t Rush the Relationship Education

I get excited when I’m introduced to a healthier food, treat recipe, or product for dogs. When I learn about a simple and fun training method, I can’t wait to try it out. But not everything is a great fit for our dogs and that’s where the homework come into play.

We can mixed canned green beans into our dogs food to help the loose weight – how much sodium is okay for dogs? do we give them the entire can? is this okay to mix in with kibble, raw or both?

The homework doesn’t take long, but there are those days when I can’t form the right phrase for the Google search and I want to give up. There isn’t a fast lane to dog nutrition and health for dog owners.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Finally, it’s not a great idea to make assumptions about anything. We shouldn’t assume that a new vaccination or heartworm treatment is safe for our dogs. We shouldn’t assume that raw is a cure all for all dog health and behavioral issues. And we shouldn’t assume, although this one can be difficult, that a dog owner hasn’t done their homework, just because they’ve made different choices regarding their dog’s nutrition and health.


My friend on the train is still single and his frustrations in the dating world have shown me that raising dogs is much easier and a lot more fun.

Fitness with Your Dog

Fitness With Fido

Everyone in! (Photo: guardian.uk)

Everyone in! (Photo: guardian.uk)

We all want to look our best for those summer BBQ’s but it can be difficult ot stay motivated. Many studies show that having a workout partner can help a person stay on track with their fitness goals but did you know that the BEST fitness partner is your dog?  Here are some ways to get and keep your pup in shape as you do.

Doggie Paddle With Your Pooch

Not only is swimming fun and a great work out for both of you, its great for dogs with arthritis as well as dogs with short noses that are not efficient for breathing. Taking a dip in the cool water can help overcome heat exhaustion that’s caused by exertion.

Interval Walking and Jogging

Dog owners walk an average of 300 minutes per week whereas people without dogs walk about 168 minutes. Take longer walks a day and if your dog is healthy enough try adding a few sprints in between to boost their metabolism as well yours.

Playing Fetch For Your Abs

Tone your tummy while your dog sprints for their favorite fetch toy. Sit on the floor and as you hold the toy in your hand come up for a crunch and pretend to throw. Alternate between throwing and faking it and you’ll get a good abdominal workout while your pup works its cardio.

Obstacle Course

Creating an obstacle course is great agility and circuit training for both you and your companion. For yourself, set up specific stations like jump rope, hula-hoop, kettle bells, etc. For your dog, set up stations like hurdles, mazes, and sprints.


It’s just as important to keep your pets mind as agile as its body. Train your dog to think by teaching them to hunt or play hide and seek with their favorite toys or treats.


As hard as it may be to resist those big puppy eyes when they beg, its imperative to not feed your dog human food as it can take years off their life.

Small, low-activity dogs need only about 185 to 370 calories daily, while a large pooch between 67 to 88 pounds may need between 1,000 to 2,000 calories, depending on activity level and gender. Yet many of our dogs get far more food than they need. More than one-third of U.S. dogs over 1 year old are overweight.

Consult with your veterinarian about your pets diet and what treats are right for them.

Watch for signs of exhaustion or overheating.

Provide an ounce of water for every pound your pet weighs. If your pooch pants excessively or hyperventilates, his tongue and gums turn brick red, or he can’t keep up and stands or lies listlessly, stop exercising and seek immediate veterinary care. These may be signs of a heat stroke, which is potentially fatal.

Dog sports can give you and your dog a whole new world of fun exercise and competition to explore!

Colleen Demling, CPDT, CBCC owns, www.pawtopia.com, one of the most successful dog training companies in San Diego. She has been featured numerous times on local and national TV and Radio.

The Benefits Keeping You and Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Your dog will keep you happy and healthy

Your dog will keep you happy and healthy

The medical field is understanding more and more what us pet owners have known all along—dogs keep us healthy and happy.

Happy Body–Numerous studies by the CDC and National Institute of Health have shown that pet ownership reduces heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol as well as increases serotonin levels in the body.

Happy Feet- People who own dogs have to exercise, walk and play with them which means most owners get at least the minimum recommendation of 30 mins of exercise a day. This helps people to maintain a healthy weight or get into shape. Plus, having a dog as a workout partner has shown to be a great motivator for people to stay with their exercise regiment.

Happy Heart- Dogs give their owners unconditional love. This 100% acceptance when a person is sick, depressed, or recovering from surgery alleviates anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Dogs also give their owners a sense of purpose so on the days when a person feels least motivated, a lick on the face and a thump of a happy tail gets people out of bed and out the door.

Happy Times- Dogs are great icebreakers for conversation and when an owner has to get outside to walk their dog they are more likely to meet their neighbors as well as build lasting bonds with other dog lovers. A strong support network and an active social life are proven fighters of disease and sickness.


Colleen Demling, CPDT, CBCC owns, www.pawtopia.com, one of the most successful dog training companies in San Diego. She has been featured numerous times on local and national TV and Radio.

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 139 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

***Hi Guys, We have a  lot going on and a holiday planned.  We will resume our next show on Sept. 11. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer!***


Yikes! We are covering some hair raising, or fur raising topics this week including Ebola in animals!  Where did the ebola virus come from?  You might be shocked at the answer!

Baby bats in bat blankets

Baby bats in bat blankets

Plus we have our usual pet fun facts and news from around the world!

Join us Sept. 11 at 6:00 PM at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tppctv or any ol’ time on the download.


Meow Monday, Tuna Tuesday, CatLadyLand Cat-Toon, Cat Head

Cat-Toon by Angie Bailey of CatLadyLand.com

Cat-Toon by Angie Bailey of CatLadyLand.com

We love Angie!

Angie Bailey is an award-winning writer, blogger, humorist, and professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association. She’s the author of whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds and Catladyland, which won the Best Humor Blog in the 2013 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging & Social Media Awards and Funniest Pet Blog in the 2011 Petties Awards. She is a regular columnist for Catster.com, the creator of Texts from Mittens, and half of the comedy web series production team of 82 South St. Productions, LLC.

Comparing Fish Treats for Dogs



Our dogs love anything with a strong smell and fish treats are always on the shopping list. Our dogs know the word “fish chew,” they come running when I open a box, and line up like the best behaved pack on the planet. The fish chews we’ve tried are great for dogs who have allergies or who are on a special diet.

Here is a short list of the fish treats we’ve tried.

The Honest Kitchen Beams – you will always find a box of Beams in our house. They’re made from catfish and are a great source of protein and Omega 3s, while being low in fat. Our dogs love them. The smell is strong at first, but now I barely notice. What I like most about them is that they aren’t messy. Beams are sold in 4 ounce and 7 ounce sizes – we buy the 7 ounces for our dogs.

Bahia-Blue Pure Fish – these are more expensive than Beams, but worth every penny. Pure Fish are dehydrated Canadian smelt that are high in proteins and another excellent source of Omega 3s and other essential vitamins and nutrients. Our 4 dogs go through these treats fast, but the health benefits make it worth buying another bag.

Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Sockeye Salmon – because these are all natural and contain no preservatives or fillers, our dogs get the benefit of natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential to a healthy diet. These treats are sourced and made in the USA. Our dogs love them and when you open a new bag, you’ll understand why – the smell is very strong. My only problem with these treats is how oily they are – so we feed them outside.

Healthier treats are coming to the market every day thanks to innovative dog owners who are looking for something healthy to feed their dogs. The above are 3 fish treats that our dogs have tried and enjoyed.

Author’s Bio: Kimberly Gauthier is the Fur Mom to 4 dogs and founder of Keep the Tail Wagging, an online magazine for dog lovers. By sharing her experience as a dog mom to 4 pups, Kimberly hopes to help others make better choices for their dogs too. When she’s not laughing with her boyfriend or playing with her dogs, she can be found writing, taking pictures, reading, or watching movies.

Summer Pet Fashion Update from New York City

Summer in the City

Cool town, evening in the city
Dressed so fine and lookin’ so pretty
Cool cat, lookin’ for a kitty
Gonna look in every corner of the city
John Sebastian, “SUMMER IN THE CITY”, 1966

You needn’t look far on August 2nd as the coolest cats and kitty’s in New York City gather as Matilda, the famous Algonquin Cat hosts a benefit for NYC shelter pets with a special appearance by Tara, the Hero Cat (google that video!). Here’s the invite:

Ready to let your freak flag fly? (thank you, David Crosby). It’s the 45th Anniversary of Woodstock in August and for those who remember it and for those who don’t, it’s a great time to get WOODSTOCK the movie and hang out in an air-conditioned room on a Dog Day Afternoon – get THAT movie too, with an amazing Al Pacino and make it a double feature with your pup kitted out in this psychedelic tee by Zazzle, complete with peace sign. You’ll be in a Purple Haze, rockin’ your own upside down Fender-Strat air guitar along with Hendrix before the end of it – be sure to let your pup play the virtual Wah pedal during Voodoo Chile (Slight Reurn).

Way out, Doggy Dude!

Way out, Doggy Dude!

I’ll make my return in September with a fall fashion preview, so get ready!
Till then, Peace, Love and Carry On!



Pets Teach Us So Much 138 with Robbin and Joseph Everett


Bailey Shroeder, creator of Res Q Walk joins us to talk about this interesting app.

Bailey Schroeder

Bailey Schroeder


Also, Carol Bryant returns to give us the scoop on the fab fund raiser, Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof.

Carol Bryant

Carol Bryant

And guess who is so excited to MC the Wiggy Awards?

Robbin And Joseph Everett with MC the Wiggy Awards for the Wigglebutt Warrior's fundraiser, Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof!

Robbin And Joseph Everett with MC the Wiggy Awards for the Wigglebutt Warrior’s fundraiser, Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof!

Join us August 7, at 6:00PM ET to learn about the above…plus have a few laughs and learn about the animal world we love so much! Click here to join us live.