Jealous Pets

Jealous Pets

Pets don’t fall too far from the human tree..  When it comes to dogs and cats, they have similar characteristics and traits comparable to ours, including jealousy. Although they perceive jealousy a bit differently, they’re still capable of acting out on it; and is actually very common when something new or different is introduced to them. Whether you have a baby, or another animal in your home, the unfavorable quality may, in fact, come out. So how does one go about changing  the negative into a positive?

Dog and Baby, so cute. (Photo:

Dog and Baby, so cute. (Photo:

Bringing Home Baby explains a little bit about animal psychology just so we can get a better understanding of their mentality. First of all, animals are very territorial. What they’ve become accustomed to, is now theirs and it’s not always easy to change that.  When it comes to a new, adorable, tiny member of your own, do them the favor  and keep their spot, their spot.  Just as with them, it’s going to be easier to mark a specific territory for baby toys and furniture.  Doing so will keep puppy or kitty secure within their zone.

Cesar Millan also states that our furry canines tend to mirror our emotions. So think about it like this: if we’re peaceful and calm, they’re going to be peaceful and calm.  If we’re edgy and aggressive, expect them to reflect the same attitude. Your dog sees  you as the leader of the family. As head  of the pack, we need to help them realize that this little human, is now part of that leadership.  A pretty good tip:  Create little activities that can incorporate puppy and child together- that way a bond can be created.  It’s great in the beginning because puppy and baby will have similarities once baby can crawl on all fours. And of course,  make sure you  continue to show puppy attention.

For kitty, the ASPCA suggests that preparation is key. Whether you have a careful cat, like Sadie, or a very energetic cat, like Dexter, preparation will only benefit you. Gradually, yet consistently, adjust your cat’s schedule to comfortably fit around baby’s …and stick to it. They also suggest not making any changes in regards to affection right before baby arrives. Perhaps you’re a little worried that your cat may feel a little less-loved once baby comes ; but being that’s not the case at all, increasing affection towards them right before the arrival will only set them up for disappointment as you have to balance your new life. Steady is significant.

Bringing Home a New Pet

There’s no doubt in my mind, based on experience that each pet will react differently to another. When I was about nine years old, we bought a Chocolate Lab., with a cat already in the house. I was terrified that my cat would be horrified, and torn up. After their initial visit, I realized that it was actually the other way around-my cat had swatted the puppy’s nose several times, and my Labrador  was scared of Muffin.

This time around, bringing Dexter home to Sadie was somewhat different. Dexter was only four months old, while Sadie, nine months. She had become very comfortable in her new home, as she had been used to being in the cold street weeks before she found me. She definitely had issues with sharing, and is in fact, was  timid and nervous around anything  and anyone new. It took her time to warm up. Dexter, in the beginning, was very fearful himself to even get up to use the litter box. Three days of realizing that this was his home too, he started to come out of his  shell. He initiated the relationship between Sadie and himself, and though there may have been some swatting and boundary marking, they’ve accepted one another. Some days you’ll see Sadie giving Dexter kisses, on other days they’re play- fighting. Now, I don’t think they could imagine not living with each other. Typical brother/sister relationship.

The ASPCA says to expect one of three things:  play, prey, or cautious avoidance- In my case, it was all three within phases.   Regardless, make sure your cats claws are trimmed before the first encounter. We don’t want anyone to get scratched up. I personally believe that with time, they’ll adjust. Placing them in s supervised room at first has always worked for me. It’s imperative that there is no force with interaction, as anything can set off a panicky vibe. When pertaining to a dog confronting a cat, using a baby gate as an aid in the beginning if you’re  skeptical is recommended.

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Pet Fashion Forward with designer Karen Varley, PJNYDogwear

***Fabulous Pet Fashion Designer Karen Varley from PJNYDogwear posted this advice for continued comfort and joy past the holiday season.  Karen will be a guest on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, January 30 plus you can MEET Karen in person at the Super Pet Expo, February 7-9.  PJNYDogwear is the fashion sponsor for our show and you will see fab fashion strutting the runway from her line at the show. (Use discount code TPPC when you buy your tickets on line and save $3 per ticket.)***

imag005 imag010

Year-round Comfort and Joy

As the holidays wind down, a recent post on, (Baby boomers adopting canine companions’) got me thinking.

As reported by Harris Interactive, seventy-four percent of those born between 1946 and 1964 own a dog.  In some studies boomers who own pets have lower blood pressure and less depression than their pet-less peers.  Think Betty White, she’s 91.  She’s a champion of animal rights and pet ownership.  Her joyful manner continues to charm the world.  (Yes, I know.  Its not just the pet ownership that keeps her so youthful.  Just sayin’).

Which brings me to this:  You’d have to be a real curmudgeon not to at least crack a smile at the sight of a miniature doxie in a camo hoodie.  Even the larger dogs are strutting their stuff in the latest fashion trends.  Lets face it, every dog needs a raincoat to keep their wet weather walks on schedule.   As the boomers doted on their children, they now dote on their pets.  Pet rescue appeals to the life-long sense of activism of this generation and if they can outfit their pet family in adorable duds, why not?  Good for the animal.  Good for the owner.  Good for the pet fashion industry.  For those involved in this industry, it’s an exciting time.  Growth projections are good for the pet clothing space and knowing that you’re contributing to keeping these animals warm and dry (and stylish) is a great way to make a living.

So here’s my New Year’s Rx for year round ‘comfort and joy’:  Adopt a pet.  Care for it.  Keep it warm and cozy in clothing that makes its’ tail wag.  Smile.

PJNY dogwear

In the spirit of ‘doing well by doing good’, PJNY dogwear, a NYC based pet apparel company, donates 10% of all proceeds of sales to pet rescue shelters.  Doggie fashion with compassion is their driving force and their commitment to ‘Made in America’ continues.


Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 119, hosted by Robbin and Joseph Everett, Pet Fashion with Compassion

It’s a big month for NJ! The Super Bowl this week and the Pet Fashion Show and Contest next week at the Super Pet Expo! Are you getting your pet’s outfit ready? Read more and sign up here.

Special guest this week, Karen Varley, designer and owner of PJNYDogwear joins us to talk pet fashion!  PJNYDogwear is our exclusive fashion sponsor at the Super Pet Expo.  You can meet Karen at the Super Pet Expo, Feb. 7-9, in Edison, NJ.  Also, we welcome Karen as our Pet Fashion Expert.  You can read all about her take on the pet fashion world on our blog, Pets Teach Us So Much, monthly.

Karen Varley

Karen Varley


And we have Dr. Liz Hanson discussing the importance of dental health.  Did you know Feb. is Pet Dental Health Month?

Dr. Liz Hanson

Dr. Liz Hanson

Plus we are going to get into hot topics including discussions about all of our recent blog posts.  And you know, Joe will be his usual, mild mannered self throughout the broadcast.

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Why Vacations With Your Dogs Are Better

Why Vacations With Your Dogs Are Better


Vacation is better with your dog!

Vacation is better with your dog!

For many pet owners there is no other option to consider – the dogs always go with them on vacation. They know that a traveling with their pets is the only way to go – it’s more fun, more adventure, and more relaxation. But not all pet owners feel as confident. For them planning a pet friendly trip can seem overwhelming. What they need to know is that with the number of pet friendly hotels and restaurants constantly growing, vacations can truly be vacations with your pets. It’s true! Here is why.

No Boarding Worries: Some people are lucky enough to have family members available to watch over pets, but many do not have that luxury. While there have been vast improvements with kennels and pet sitting services in recent years, it’s still hard to avoid the guilty worrying that makes the idea of kennels unappealing. Are the dogs OK? Are they stressed? Are they eating enough? Are they being cared for?

Beautiful pups and beautiful scenery.

Beautiful pups and beautiful scenery.

Being glued to the pet cam is no way to spend a vacation and, when you add in the costs, boarding becomes less and less attractive. For many pet owners, the piece of mind that comes with being with their dogs is the most alluring part of pet travel. It can be the difference between a relaxing vacation and one that leaves you even more stressed than before.

Local Pet Community: Pet friendly people are the best people! We all know this is true, so why not meet a few of the locals at a dog park or pet-friendly event? You’ll get great insider tips on the best places to take your dogs, the best restaurants in the area, and keys to avoid the tourist traps. It is that community spirit that helps fuel and we’re always amazed by the new friendships that we’ve made just by traveling with our dogs. Get involved in a local pet-friendly event and you’ll be surprised at how quickly conversations start and friendships launch.

Keep Moving: Okay, we relish days snuggling on the sofa as much as the next person, but we also enjoy quite a bit of play time with our dogs. If you are like us, you know that a good hike or day at the dog beach is a perfect way for both you and your dogs to get the blood pumping and feel great. Sometimes, that is exactly what you need to wind down from work and everyday life. Even if it is just a brisk walk around the block, you and your dogs will enjoy the time together and being outside will help you clear your mind. What could be better while on vacation?

Inquisitive Spirit Pays Off: Speaking of dog walks, there have been countless times that our dogs’ inquisitive natures have lead us to stunning views and interesting sights that we might have missed without them. Your results may vary, but we’ve found there is a special feeling when you let your dogs take the lead in an adventure. It is almost as if they’re saying, “Hey, come this way. The views are incredible!” and more often than not they are so right!

Amy Burkert runs the award-winning pet travel website,, which makes it easy to plan a trip with your entire family. Her blog, Take Paws, is an encyclopedia of pet travel tips, pet friendly destination advice, and stories of the adventures she and her husband share as they travel full-time in their Winnebago with their dogs, Ty and Buster.



In Memory of Princess the Prognosticating Camel

We are saddened to tell you that our favorite Camel, Princess has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We received this information from the Popcorn Park Zoo today:

In Memory of Princess

Princess and John on

Princess and John on

She was a prognosticator extraordinaire known around the nation and, actually, the world for her ability to select winning football teams particularly in the Super Bowl. She was a friend and a companion to all who work at or visit Popcorn Park Refuge. And she never met a graham cracker she didn’t like. But time has a way of being cruel, especially as our animals grow older and aging takes away their strength and ability to enjoy their lives. It is with tremendous sorrow and many, many, many tears that we at Popcorn Park must tell you that our sweet, wonderful camel, Princess, has crossed the rainbow bridge and rejoined her sister Baby in a place where she can once again walk and live without the pain and discomfort brought on by old age.
She went peacefully on the afternoon of Jan 14th, surrounded by absolute love in the company of those whose lives were so blessed by her presence.

Memorial Services for Princess

The weeks leading up to the Superbowl were always a very exciting time at Popcorn Park because of our beautiful camel, Princess. Princess was known for her ability to pick winning teams in football games, a…nd when the Superbowl came around, everyone was always eager to hear who Princess picked. Sadly, Princess passed away on January 14th, peacefully, and surrounded by the many people that cared for her and loved her throughout her life. Arrangements have been made to memorialize and pay tribute to our beloved Princess, and there is no other day more fitting for this memorial to take place than on Superbowl Sunday. Memorial services will take place on Sunday, February 2nd at Layton’s Home for Funerals, 250 West Lacey Road, Forked River, NJ, 609-971-6800. Layton’s will be open at 10:00 a.m. and a service with tributes and a video presentation will begin at 10:30. In lieu of flowers, we ask that donations be made to our special fund that was set up in memory of Princess. Donations to the Princess Fund can be made to:

Popcorn Park
1 Humane Way
Forked River, NJ 08731
(Please write “Princess” on the envelope)

Here is a show that we did with Princess for the Superbowl, 2010.  RIP dear girl. XXOO

Meow Monday, Tuna Tuesday, CatLadyLand Cat-Toon, Siberia

But if it fits, it ships, right?

But if it fits, it ships, right?

We love Angie!

Angie Bailey is an award-winning writer, blogger, humorist, and professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association. She’s the author of whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds and Catladyland, which won the Best Humor Blog in the 2013 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging & Social Media Awards and Funniest Pet Blog in the 2011 Petties Awards. She is a regular columnist for, the creator of Texts from Mittens, and half of the comedy web series production team of 82 South St. Productions, LLC.

A Session for Elvis the Blind Cat

We had a session for Elvis’ who was somehow getting out of the yard. Being blind is a concern of course. Elvis got out Saturday night and was gone for 11 hours or so. He did come home when we sent angels and spirit animals but then he got out again. We decided to have Candy chat with him, re attune him to the Universal healing energy and give him some mental healing.


Here’s what Elvis shared:
Elvis said Elvis is feeling a need to be outside the confides of these walls. The smells and scents, sounds of nature cannot be duplicated inside Elvis’ home. This must be an instinct because Elvis does NOT want to cause Mom any grief. But something is over riding in Elvis that makes Elvis find a way to satisfy it, escape, explore. Elvis knows this is BAD, big bad, UNSAFE world. Elvis thinks this is what is known as a catch 22.
Then we got from Mom the next day :
Get this – he was meowing inside just a few minutes ago, to go out back.  So I gave him a personal escort, and was watching to see if he’d show me how he escaped.  He started heading around the side of the house – I thought “aha! he’s going to do it!” but all he did was go lay in the garden.  I pulled some weeds out while he laid there, and when he heard me he sat closer to keep me company.  But didn’t make a single move for the gate.  About 10 minutes later he got up, I followed him, and he went to the back porch, I asked if he wanted in, he walked straight to the back door and he went in!!  Normally he’d stay out here for HOURS!!!

I think you guys are a cool kind of magic!  Thanks for your help with this issue that’s been driving us crazy!


Did the World’s Ugliest Dog Die of a Breed Related Condition?

***Note*** Dr. Pat wrote the fabulous article below about Elwood the “World’s Ugliest Dog”.  We had the pleasure of interviewing Elwood and his mom Karen at a MCSPCA event we attended several years ago.  He was truly a special little guy, who brought so many smiles to so many people.  RIP little Elwood, the world is missing a star, but we are sure you are up at the Rainbow Bridge having fun with so many of our friends.

Adorable Elwood

Adorable Elwood

Did The World’s Ugliest Dog Die of a Breed Related Condition?

I am a huge fan of the Huffington Post’s Weird News section. For complete disclosure, reading the always intriguing and sometimes shocking examples of weird news is part of my evening wind-down routine, as the section often serves as inspiration for my columns.

Recently, the world lost a well-known canine compatriot who at one time was the World’s Ugliest Dog. Elwood, a Chinese Crested-Chihuahua mix hailing from New Jersey, was runner up at the annual event gathering prime examples of ugly dogs at the Sonoma-Marin County Fair in 2006. He then took top prize in 2007 and went on to lead a rich life making appearances at media events before suddenly passing on Thanksgiving day (2013).

Elwood had quite the unique look, as he lacked hair on much of his body but for a white sprig atop his head. He also had a tongue that hung out the left side of his mouth on a seemingly constant basis. Elwood’s owner, Karen Quigley, states that the cause of his ever-present tongue was that “he just does not have teeth on that side of his mouth”. His overall lack of hair and dark skin pigmentation make him appear more consistent with the Chinese Crested, while the compact cranium featuring a “short or broad head” (brachycephalic) lends the likeness of the Chihuahua.

A Heartwarming Tale

Reportedly, Elwood’s breeder was going to euthanize him until Quigley’s boyfriend, who was working as a New Jersey SPCA investigative officer, saved the pooch as part of an rescue operation. The breeder ultimately surrendered Elwood and 10 other dogs. Elwood ended up going home with Quigley and they were inseparable up until his unfortunate departure.

Quigley penned a children’s book titled Everyone Loves Elwood, which tells his story and spreads the word of acceptance of those who look different. In his lifetime, Elwoood made over 200 media appearances and regularly visited schools to share his message of positivity with children, their teachers, and his general admirers. Quigley states that the main lesson Elwood taught others was that “you don’t have to be perfect to be special.”

Elwood is survived by Quigley and a household full of other rescue dogs. The touching Animal Planet video Meet Elwood tells his story and shows the positive effect he had on all those he encountered.

Breed Concerns

Elwood’s cause of death has not been revealed, but Quigley reported that he had fallen ill a short time before his departure. Yet, the somewhat sudden nature of Elwood’s passing could mean that a variety of causes could have been factors, including:

Cardiac Disease (heart failure, valvular disease, etc.)


Immune Mediated Disease (“autoimmune” disease)

Infection (bacteria, viral, parasite, etc.)

Metabolic Disease (kidney, liver, pancreas, adrenal and thyroid glands, etc.)



As Elwood’s breeding is a cross of the Chinese Crested and Chihuahua, there could have been a number of breed-associated illness affecting him. Since he was a petite pooch (likely less than 10 pounds), it’s more likely that a condition related to his smaller stature factored into his passing instead of one specifically related to him having genetics in both the Chinese Crested or Chihuahua breed.

The Chinese Crested has a variety of disease conditions related to its genetics. Problems affecting the skin are near the top of the list of common Chinese Crested problems, including:

Pyoderma (bacterial skin infection)

Atopic dermatitis (non-seasonal allergic skin disease)

Seasonal allergic skin disease

Solar dermatitis (sunburn)

Comedones (blackheads)

Skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma)


Additionally, the Hairless version of the Chinese Crested (yes, there are haired Powderpuffs and Hairless versions) may have a congenital absence of teeth. This is because the gene that causing a lack of hair can be linked to the gene causing missing teeth.

The Chihuahua also is well known for its breed-related health concerns, including:

Periodontal disease

Brachicephalic airway syndrome (respiratory issues related to having a short and board head)

Patellar laxation (sliding kneecap)

Hydrocephalus (fluid accumulation inside the skull cavity)

Molera (incomplete closure of skull bones)

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar, especially during puppyhood)

Seizure disorder (epilepsy)

Hepatic (liver) shunt

Rest in peace Elwood. The world will miss you, but your legacy will live on forever in the hearts and minds of all those you touched in your short life.


Press Release: Pet Fashion Show and Competition Pet Fashion Show and Contest at Super Pet Expo Pet Fashion Show and Contest at Super Pet Expo


Eric Udler

301-564-4050 x101 Pet Fashion Show and Competition

Robbin and Joseph Everett, internet superstars since 2008, available for on-site or in-studio interviews on Friday, February 7th, Saturday, February 8th and Sunday, February 9th


INFORMATION:              , the Pet Podcast Channel (, hosts Pet Fashion Show and Competition on Saturday, February 8th at 1 PM.  Three amazing events including Rescue Spotlight, Designer Fashions and Competitive Couture Competition.  Pets from features rescues will showcase the style of four legged fashionstas up for adoption.  Learn more about the positive work each rescue performs, as well as the pets looking for homes.  During the second event, pets will strut their stuff in designer products available for purchase right at the show.  It all leads up to the Competitive Couture Competition.  Attendees are welcome to enter and judges will grade participants on pet/owner outfit coordination, team interaction and the Glam Factor!  Extra points for those hamming it up.

EVENT:                                        Super Pet Expo– New Jersey’s largest gathering of pet owners and pet lovers.


Friday, February 7, 2014                         4 PM – 9 PM

Saturday, February 8, 2014                    10 AM – 7 PM

Sunday, February 9, 2014                       10 AM – 5 PM


LOCATION:                                New Jersey Convention Center

97 Sunfield Avenue, Edison, NJ


DESCRIPTION:                          Super Pet Expo unites pet owners and animal lovers at the premiere shopping extravaganza and animal entertainment destination. From February 7th through February 9th, join featured presenters, unique entertainment, local shelters and rescues, and countless exhibitors for a one-stop location for all things animal-related. Visit for details, including a list of all entertainers and demonstrations.


ADMISSION:                              Adults:                                                            $13

Kids 4-12                                                      $6

Kids 3 and under                                        Free

Avoid long lines and buy tickets online at


SPECIAL EVENTS: Dock Diving Fueled by EVO                                                         Exotic Bird Show

Jorge Bendersky, Celebrity Dog Groomer                               Pet Fashion Show

Jesse the Jack, World’s Smartest Dog                    Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery

Extreme Reptiles Exhibit                                                              Puppy Playground                                                                                                                               Low-Cost Micro-Chipping and Vaccinations                      Wolf Visions


SPONSORS:                               Innova, Evo, California Natural, New Jersey SPCA


ABOUT TPPC, The Pet Podcast Channel: 

Robbin and Joseph Everett, internet superstars since September 2008, have been bringing pet related entertainment to animal lovers in over 30 countries.  Robbin and Joe dominate new media by hosting 2 weekly radio shows, appearing on their own hit web TV show (on hiatus), hosting a community, blogging, and writing a newspaper column.  They have made guest appearances on terrestrial radio, guest blog posts and pet related events. Learn more at 


Super Pet Expo is the largest gathering of pet owners in the country.  No other consumer pet events attract so many affluent pet owners eager to shop for all type of cool pet products not traditionally found in pet stores. The show promotes responsible pet ownership and helps draw attention to abandoned pets available for adoption.  In addition, an educational and inspiring experience with various pets and wildlife is presented through exceptional exhibits. Each show features 150+ vendors of unique pet products and services.  Tens of thousands of pet owners attend each show many with their leashed pets with them.  Learn more at  Facebook:  Twitter:  @superpetexpo.


PJNYDogwear Rocks!

PJNYDogwear Rocks!


Don’t forget to visit Fashion Sponsor for the event, PJNYDogwear.  Fabulous, affordable American made dog outerwear!

Love Genies, A Rant about HBO’s, “Girls”

Wine is good.  Whine is bad.

The cast of HBO's Girls (Photo:

The cast of HBO’s Girls (Photo:

Do you ever feel like people just bitch and moan all day long?  I was watching an episode of HBO’s “Girls”, Season 3 preview and found the usually quirky, enjoyable dialog just got under my skin like nails on a chalkboard.  Whiney, miserable, generation “Poor Me” better wise up in real life and on TV.

Us Baby Boomer and Gen Xers don’t ask for much.  Just do what you said you were going to do when you  said you were going to do it.  Stop making excuses for why you can’t get to work on time and realize not everyone gets a ribbon or a trophy in real life.  No one cares about your drama.

Yes, your boss is not your friend and he or she will ask you to complete tasks in a timely manner.  Just do it.  They are not being mean.  That’s what you get paid for.

The sooner you realize the world owes you nothing, everything is earned and the workplace is not fair, the better off you will be. Relationships are earned.  Respect is earned.

Seriously, I hate to sound like Debbie Downer, but the amount of time that is wasted by being, “All up in someone’s grill” could be better spent in quiet reflection, learning a trade, enjoying nature or a myriad of other things.  What is lacking in many young people today is focus and intent.  Knee jerk reactions with no end goal will leave so many young people wondering why they don’t have money to retire.

Gosh, I real hope this show is not a reflection of so many younger people today.  I read that the show’s producer, writer, director and star, Lena Dunham bases the show on much of her own experience.

Have hope, move forward, be happy generation sad.  Relationships will improve as you mature.  Wait, that wouldn’t make for good TV, would it?